Thursday, August 7, 2008

You Know It's Time To Stop When ...

...your water-coloring hand cramps up. Yep...totally. I got home from my massaaaaage this evening and, against my better judgment, I sat down to finish this stack of cards. Last night, I went to bed at this point in the project:

Tonight the first thing I did was finish the burgundy buildings. The stack on the right (below) is not burgundy, but it is the new SU Riding Hood Red.

I was hoping it would have come out a little darker, but alas, it was not to be. So I made 5 of them and there will be one pack this color. See? I can try new things! ;-) At this point in the process, all the burgundy is done. Next up was the laying-on of the gray:

I have used other colors for the roof-tops in the past, but tonight they are gray. Sixty cards. Five buildings per card. You do the math ... that's alota gray.

Here we are - all done! At the last minute I decided to add birds.

The first time I thought to add the birds it was because of an ink schmear. Remember: there are no mistakes in stamping...only opportunities for embellishment. Tonight these guys got birds because I like them!

All done!!!! Twelve packs of five cards.

Um, and you can see what a STINKING MESS my table is. Yeah, I could have cropped this photo to hide that elephant in the room, but like PW says, I like to keep things real. Here is a more presentable shot of the same finished product:

Put an apple in my mouth - I am done!!!! With this batch, anyway.

On a final note, MY NEW SU CATALOGS ARRIVED TODAY! Well, one box of the four I ordered arrived. Hopefully the rest of them will get here this week (that would be tomorrow - Friday), as my workshops are this weekend and it would be nice to have them on hand.

Oh, and what do I think of the new catalog? I am in sooooo much trouble...

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  1. Good for you for finishing! I like your birds too. I am feeling your sense of accomplishmnent 'cos I just finished my 16 St. Pat's cards. Tired of looking at them, but glad they are done and my workspace is a little neater...just like yours :)


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