Monday, August 25, 2008

What I Did On My Day Off

As we enter the Back To School season, I am reminded of the traditional "What I did on my Summer Vacation" essays we used to have to write, so that's the source of this post's title.

As most of you know by now, my weekends are crazy busy since I do markets on both Saturday's and Sunday's. The only weekend I do not do a Sunday market is when I have my Sunday workshops. So yeah, no weekends. Well, no weekends for domestic stuff, anyway. So I take a Monday off after a 2-market weekend, and I take a Tuesday off after my 2-on-Sunday and my Monday night workshops. Today was one of those days, and I feel like I should quote George Jetson and holler, "Jane, how do you stop this crazy thing!?!?!", in reference to the proverbial treadmill I seem to be on.

I usually fill my day off with stamping, at least in between all the domestic nonsense. HA! My first mistake today was to leave the house. I almost never leave the house on my day off - not even to get the mail! I seal that deal by staying in my jammies, so I can't leave the house. But alas, I needed food. I mean, I was out of the point where I could no longer scrounge and make dinner out of pasta and cheese since I was out of both pasta and cheese. Desperate times call for desperate measures, so I actually got dressed and went to the grocery store this morning.

I came home to two boxes of goods from SU (none of it mine, darnit!). I had to immediately check the SU Web site to see where I'd gone wrong, and my Demo order is due to arrive tomorrow. Sigh.

So now I have set the stage for the treadmill that became the rest of my day. Here's what I've packed in so far:

1. Grocery to buy food. Check.
2. SU boxes hauled into the front hall, while keeping the cat inside. Check.
3. Needed to put perishable food away. But first I had to ...
4. Dump out veggie drawers where-in lived various and sundry science projects in the making. Cleaned drawers and replaced in the fridge.
5. Cleaned and put away new veggies and other perishable food items.
6. Topped off cat food bowl before she could remind me I had not done so.
7. Emptied cooler full of CSA veggies and fruits into my kitchen sink, washed and put away.
8. Read care-and-feeding instructions for the Dahlias. Must replace water every day. Replaced water in both vases.
9. Called Physical Therapy office to make my next wave of appointments. I was instructed my Rx for therapy had expired. Made the appointments anyway, with the promise to follow up with the Rx.
10. Called my Ortho. Dr. to get a new Rx sent to me.
11. Called my Primary Care Physician to get a new referral for the Physical Therapy that the Ortho Dr prescribed. Yes, I am changing insurance companies for next year.
12. Called my cat sitter to leave a message asking if she got my last message.
13. Called my Dentist to try and move my September appointment. Got voice jail. Gotta call them back.
14. Tried to start the Miata and it actually started, but since I was not going anywhere, I turned it back off. Called my mechanic and arranged to drop it off in the morning on my way to work, if it starts in the morning.
15. Divvied up the SU order and broke down the boxes. Cat is enjoying the new packing papers, and is currently nested into some of them.
16. Completed a deposit slip for all the checks from my last workshop in a valiant attempt to get them deposited with the bank. That will get mailed tomorrow.
17. Responded to an RSVP for a friend's wedding. Also being mailed tomorrow.
18. Took out two cards from my August & September stack o'cards to write belated b'day greetings for my customers' August birthdays (both last week...) Not done with them yet.
19. Cut off two slices of bread, slathered them with butter, and consumed them for sustenance.
20. Replaced ink cartridges in both printers.
21. Made up two new dividers for my market cards and printed them on one printer.
22. Tried to print off a Customer order from SU to include with her goods, but the ordering site was acting wonky, so I gave up.
23. Printed extra copies of the current SU sale brochure to include with the catalogs I'll sell the rest of this and next month, plus a few for the Ordering Station.
24. Unloaded the camera into The Big Computer because I was down to 6 pictures left on the memory card. Deleted all pics pre-August from the memory card.
25. Printed off the pics of all the cards I've made in August for my inventory book.
26. Laminated the two new dividers I'd just made and put them in my "for the market" file.
27. Started to place another Demo order, then stopped myself. I will wait for September 1st (one week from today) so I can combine it with my oh-my-gosh-I've-got-to-have-it-all Holiday Mini Catalog pre-order.
28. Decided that I needed to find a better way to store my PTI ribbons, so I re-wound them all onto clothes pins and will recycle all the cardboard spools.
29. Made an appointment with the condo association's exterminator for Thursday morning to get these pesky ants taken care of once and for all. The nice thing about getting sprayed for ants, is that it also serves to minimize the crickets, which are beginning to appear already. BTW, that's one reason I got the cat - to take care of the crickets. But I've found that as soon as they are disabled, she leaves them for me to dispose of. I guess they are no fun if they no longer move. Go figure.
30. Finished up my stack of 'feminine' birthday cards. More on that in a minute.

So far, that's it. It is now 5:45, and I am pooped. Hey, that's 30 things I've done today already, and I still plan to make dinner!

About those feminine birthday cards....Remember the Decade cards I made the other day? They drew some attention on Sunday, but the woman thought they looked too masculine. Now how many times do we hear that?! We card-makers usually have the opposite problem! So I did another Assembly Line and made some of the same layout, but I used the SU Afternoon Tea papers, and I made these (they are not as blurry as this photo IRL):

And here are all of the different versions I made:

Okay, maybe not 'feminine', but at least they are not 'masculine'.

Well, I'm off to make dinner, then hopefully I'll have time to stamp something!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow. I feel like such an underachiever. Today I showered and dressed. Yep. That was about it. I did play with my papers and stamps but...yeah. Nothing else. LOL

    I love those cards! What a great idea!

  2. Wow! I never bought those SU dps, but I do love them. All are absolutely feminine, except the 70...that could go either way.

    You have been a very busy girl! I'm feeling like a slacker. The month is almost up and all I have in my stash box-ready-to-invoice- and-take-to-both-stores-for the-first-of-the-month are two cupcake cards from my last post. Ugh ugh ugh.

  3. Wow- you were busy.

    Love the cards! Definitely work to give to a man or a woman.


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