Monday, August 18, 2008

Just A Stamping Fool

Today is Monday, and the day I gave myself to catch up on life. No driving to work, no rules, no nothing. Well, except for the laundry that needs to get from the washer to the dryer. And the bathtub I cleaned before I got into the shower. And the veggies in my CSA share that I still have not triaged. But I DID make it to my pedicure appointment, only 1/2 hour late. Grrrr. I could have sworn it was set for 10:30, but alas, it was 10:00. I called to cancel the manicure part so I'd fit the services into the allotted (remaining) time. They were so nice when I got there! In fact, the woman doing the pedicure got one of her co-horts to do a quick-and-minimal manicure while I was in the chair. So there I sat, one person massaaaaaging my feet and calves while someone else massaaaaaged my forearms and hands, then trimmed up the cuticles on my fingers. Sweeeeet! And I've gotta get me one of those chairs! OMG! I can just see myself sitting at my Stamping Station with that constant "magic fingers" thing taking care of all the kinks in my back and shoulders.

Um, I think I need to get out more.....

I also stopped off at the PO on the way home and sent off the first wave of envelopes for those who have responded to my Great Scrap G-I-V-E-A-W-A-Y. It's not too late to play! I have plenty more scraps looking for a new home, so if you want them, please go to the above post and tell me what color you'd like. I have a LOT of the Blues and the Greens, plus loads of all the other colors, too. Speak up! There's organizing to be done once that shelf is scrap free!

So this morning, before I left for my appointment, I whipped out a bunch of these:

This is the result of me grabbing two pieces of patterned paper from one of my scrap piles and forcing myself to use them. I paired them with Wild Wasabi, and rummaged through my box of Pink ribbons in search of a color that would go with this paper and not be too pink. I found one, and I used it all. Gone!!!

In trying to economize with the ribbon (not something I am good at), I opted to stop 'tying' each piece on with a standard tied knot (like below) and I instead just stuck on a shorter piece of ribbon laid flat against the card stock, then tied a shorter piece of ribbon around it (like the one above). I call this a faux knot, and The Ladies love it! I'll have to remember to include this in next month's workshop.

I economized a lot, but not enough, and I ran out of ribbon with two cards left to go. Rats! So I took out these Cuttlebug dies and made a little thingy for the last two cards.

Not bad for a morning's labors! Oh, and in case you want a picture to show the next time you need to respond to that age-old question: "Mommy, where do scrap piles come from?", feel free to use this one:

Oh, it looks tame and harmless enough now, but give me two more weeks and it will become a veritable monster in need of much attention.

Moving on, I wanted to make more of my CRS cards, and also use the same image with another yet-to-see-ink sentiment I own. I grabbed this piece of patterned paper and got six 5 1/4" x 4" pieces out of it, so I made three each of the following cards:

The colors I chose to use with the paper are Close to Cocoa and Cranberry Crisp (ret.) You'll also notice I opted to not color in the image of the lady. I was being lazy, and I kinda like how it looks without color.

That's all for now. There's laundry to be done and veggies to be addressed. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Economize on ribbon ?...are you running low already ? I actually love the economized version !

    Love all the cards and the CRS are just too dang cute!

  2. I love your cards, all of 'em, and I am so proud of you using scraps/economizing! Were you channeling me, crazy-frugal blog friend June?

  3. So did you go to "H2O". I am soooo jealous. I love their spa pedicures and calf massages.


  4. Ha Ha I love that CRS statement...I'll have to tell my DH about that one...


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