Thursday, August 28, 2008

SYFY Tip #1

Seeing as I screw up on a regular basis, probably more than most people do, I find I have to save myself from myself, a lot. Therefore, I have decided to begin a new category of posts on my blog to share my Save Yourself From Yourself (SYFY) tips and tricks as I think of them. Most of these will be obvious, and probably nothing new, but I needed something to post and this was handy. Work with me here, okay? ;-)

First up, as I waited for the exterminator to arrive this morning (he's still not here), I decided to make more of these cards for my market inventory:

This has turned out to be a best seller, and I find myself making more every week! A great way to use up scraps, fer sure. Note the ribbon I looks like a normal ribbon to you, right? Usually I just wrap the ribbon around the layer and tie it - done. But not today! Today I fell into the pit of 'cut it too short'. Not wanting to have to deal with the too-short piece (as in: where the heck will I keep this thing after the Clean Sweep), I simply improvised and did this:

After all, no one will see the back anyway, right? It ties just the same on the front, too ... imagine that. And if you do this on purpose, you'll save about 3" of ribbon per card. For me, that's not a big deal because I have SO MUCH STUFF, but for you frugal people, it might just be an important tip.

Okay, now I really have to make an appearance at the Day Job. I left a message for the exterminator telling him I have to is raining, but if he was not coming, you'd think he'd call. Bah!

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  1. I am a frugal girl. I use that technique a lot :)

    I love your dp!!! BEAUTIFUL.

  2. I told my DH about this stamp...he had a good laugh...


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