Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Back In The Saddle

I've actually done a little catching up on my Catch-up Day. I wrote out all the September birthday cards for my customers, and only three of the four will be late. Not bad. I tell ya, next month I think I'll make Belated Birthday cards, if only to give myself some slack. KIDDING! ;-)

I also took the time to create my stamps-for-sale spreadsheet; I updated my list here (the link is also in the side bar menu), and I posted them to SCS, too. Hopefully I'll sell some of these sets so I can move in here!

Then I rewarded myself by stamping! Driving all those hours yesterday gave me plenty of time to plan what my first stampin' projects would be today. First I wanted to use my as-yet-uninked PTI Quilter's Sampler set. I also thought I'd use the Copic markers I have to color them. This is what I ended up with:

I like how the patterns are really easy to color, and that they come with the stitching as part of the stamp. These also fit a 3/4" square punch, making it easy for people like me to stamp multiple images on a scrap of paper, color them, then punch them out and have them line up perfectly. I really like how this came out!

Moving on, I decided to mount one of the SU sets that came the day before I left town: Cheers To You. This set was offered in the UK last year, and with SU's "no international sales" policy, people in the US were begging SU to offer it here. I did not beg, but I certainly had no qualms about ordering the set once it became available. ;-)

A few years ago I'd bought a funny sentiment from Viva Las Vegas Stamps (I think) and I had to make up a beer mug, since I did not have one at the time. But now that I have this set, this card needed to be made:

Yeah, yeah, I know - the sentiment is crooked. I really tried. Did you notice there is no ribbon? I figured this card would go to a guy, so I decided to hold off on the ribbon thing.

I made the foam poofy by using Liquid Applique. It flattens a little bit when I put it in the clear sleeve, but it still has texture to it, which is what I wanted.

So ends my catch-up day. I feel rested and hungry - time to go rustle up some grub! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. These are both great! You make the quilt card sound so easy, but it looks like a lot of time went into it. Your beer card is too cute :) I am sure it will be a conversation piece at your market.

  2. I LOVE that beer card! That is fabulous. I am sure there are many guys -- and girls -- who would surely appreciate it!


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