Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Using Some Scraps

Alright, I'll admit it: I want to be like June when I grow up. What? She's younger than me!?!? Rats! Okay, I aspire to be like June. Better? Let us begin.

This past month I have challenged myself to focus on the scrap piles in an attempt to (1) use the stuff so I do not have to (2) figure out what to do with it during the upcoming Clean Sweep as I prepare for this coming weekend's workshops. Last night I grabbed this piece of striped scrap, and I made two cards out of it. I did sacrifice a virgin piece of Barely Banana card stock for the base, but everything else was from the scrap pile. Are you proud of me? I know *I* am. ;-)

I have had this card in my head since I bought the sentiment in my last Viva Las Vegas Stamps shopping spree. I kept this retired SU set because, well, just because. So I was thrilled when I saw this sentiment, because it meant I could actually use the set again. I think that makes twice. I am hopeless.

The second card is the same as that first one, except I used a smaller piece of Choc Chip card stock under the sentiment, and I used a brown base oval under the sentiment for a different look.

I think they'll make cool birthday cards.

Tonight I worked on another half-baked idea I have to make a different kind of Thank You notes. Those townhouses are a bear to color! A week or so ago I had made some 3 1/2" x 5" note cards out of Whisper White card stock. I cut the card stock the long way so the cards fold on the short side, just to be different. I like to mix things up sometimes.

I have recently discovered a hidden die in my set of Olivia Alphabet dies for the Cuttlebug. It is the word thanks, all in one die. So I took a scrap of my Berry Bliss DS paper and die-cut 5 of those babies. Then I resurrected my Xyron and ran those die-cuts through. Yes, I am lazy. Then I stuck them on, and the cards looked nekked.

I kept going and added a strip of a different paper from the same cut-into pack (no virgin 12x12s were sacrificed), and I used a pink ribbon from my stash and this came out:

What do you think? Passable? Maybe I will make only one pack of these and stamp something on the next set. Tomorrow.


  1. Ooh...these are just great! Aging rocker one made me laugh. Like out loud 'n stuff. heh

  2. oh yeah and thanks for the new blog to read..hehe

  3. You made me chuckle! In fact I am still giggling. Thanks for that! I just came from the dentist and you made me forget the pain my poor gums are feeling now that the topical stuff has worn off.

    I am so proud of you using scraps. The sacrificed full sheet of Barely Banana was worth it. Your rocker cards rock (heeheehee).

    You bought Olivia? I resisted and regret not buying that font. Oh, well. I have 3 full binders of QK. Do I really need more? Yes. Probably. If Leslie has it, I must need it too. I am so easily enabled. Your "thanks" card is simply elegant (great name for a blog, right?) Make more of those! It is really sweet and pretty.

  4. Oh, June...you soooo do not want to go shopping with me ....


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