Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Using The Stash

Once I shrugged off some of the "I can't believe I am not still in the car" feeling yesterday, I got my second wind and stamped some more. First up I grabbed something old and something new. The old items were papers from my Cat Pack, which is just like my Dog Pack, only for cats. I keep forgetting I have these, so I was pretty proud of myself when I thought to use them. The new item was a stamp that jumped into my basket during my previous shopping episode at Angela's Happy Stamper. And using them together I made this:

I started with just the image stamped on some scraps of Naturals White card stock. Then I looked at them...b-o-r-i-n-g! Since my Copic markers were still out (see, I really do not put things away ...) I grabbed a few and colored in the parts of the stamped image.

The layout of the patterned papers was the result of me cutting them at 2" instead of 3", and not knowing what to do with them; so THIS is what I did with them! A little different, but I liked it!

I tried really, really, really hard to not use ribbon, but it needed something. So I took the strip of Apricot that got cut off when I trimmed the card stock for the layers, and I stuck the ends into the Word Window punch to round them. Sorta. Some of them are more 'round' than others. I used some of my copper brads from the retired version of the Vintage Brads, and called it done.

This next card is totally June's fault. She used some Lasting Impressions dry-embossed cards to make something, and I just knew I had some, somewhere. While looking for them, I found something more promising: a pack of these window-pane cards from The Paper Patch. I also grabbed one of my new baby-themed stamps and made this:

First I stamped the T-shirt stamp (Hero Arts) in three of the panes. You can see where I missed, because they slop over onto the raised edge, but that's okay! I stamped the shirt again on three different PTI baby papers, cut them out, and stuck them on. I tried to think of something to do in the 4th pane, and I finally decided to use another of my new baby-themed stamps - the Little One sentiment from Outlines. I stamped it on some more of the PTI papers (a repeat of the paper used for the first t-shirt), and colored the border with a Copic to offset it from the white of the base card.

It's cute, I think, but now that I look at it, once you are ready to send a "Welcome Little One" card, you probably know what the gender of the baby is. So I am not so sure the genderless colors will work here, but we'll see. Oh, did you see: no ribbon? I thought about adding a piece in the very center, but I resisted. I think I'll make a few gender-specific ones in pink and blue, too.

And lastly, this is an old reliable that is gone from my inventory. When I first made it, I used some really pretty DS paper and made it look like a pretty fancy card ... until you read it. They all sold! Who would have guessed?!?!?! So it was time to make more. What prompted this little project? I found two square pieces of this DS paper on the floor in The Other Room, and I used them! (Stamps are from Viva Las Vegas Stamps.)

Next up, I plan to use the three remaining window pane cards with some of my Owl stamps. Whazzup with all the owl stamps lately? Are owls the new Pear? Or maybe cupcakes are the new Pear. Whatever...I grabbed some at Angela's, so now I'm gonna use them. Hopefully tonight, in between some loads of laundry.

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  1. i wish i was your neighbor so i could borrow your stamps! :)

  2. Another great post from Ms.Leslie. Your pet card is terrific. I've never made one to you sell a lot of them?

    Your baby card is adorable. I am so glad I inspired you to make it and use some of your stash! My genderless cards sell more slowly (in my post I think I only made 2 green/yellow combo), the others blue/green and pink/green. Is this true for you also?

    I love that ds paper you & Kristie Morrison both used today. How did I miss that paper? I LOVE it! I love your funny cards, like the CRS you have used. I like this one too. I never make funny cards, but I have had one customer ask if I did. Maybe you and I should card swap and sell each others cards. LOL!

  3. That is a fantastic baby card. I love it!


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