Saturday, September 6, 2008

Rainy Saturday Ramblings

There's lots of stuff going on, so I think I'll post some ramblings. This is, in fact, a sneaky way for me to post a whole bunch of non-related blathering and get away with it.

First, Tropical Storm Hanna has arrived. It is raining big-time here, with local flooding already happening - road closures, etc., and it keeps on coming. The brunt of the storm is not supposed to hit until later today. Oh, boy.

I went to pick up my CSA share, and lo and behold, all three farmers were there and three of the crafters, too! We are a hardy bunch! Well, except for me, who totally wimped out. Farmer Mike said it had not even started raining yet when he left. Oh, well. I wished them luck and left, with just a little bit of guilt. We Jewish Mothers do guilt really well ...

I also made a pass at the local Transfer Station to recycle all my broken-down SU boxes in a probably-futile attempt to reclaim even a little space in here. Yes, we have curb-side recycling, but they want us to cut down boxes and wrap them in twine, and who has the time for that?! So I collect them and recycle them myself when I can.

I also dropped off my one and only dress at the dry cleaners so I have it ready to take with me next weekend.

I organized something! I bought a bunch of 5x7 photo pages in my last shopping spree. I found an old binder to put them in, then I put all my Nestabilities in the pockets. Nicely arranged and so very neat. Much better than tossing them into a box during the Clean Sweep! This way I have a chance to find them again! I put away the Cuttlebug, and I can see enough of the table to start cutting my card stock for kits for tomorrow. Later.

I got distracted and used the stamp sets I had out to maybe make some Sympathy cards. I was sorting through the scrap piles and found parts of some PTI patterned papers (purples), so I grabbed some virgin PTI purple card stock and made these:

Not too bad for an hour's work. So, is purple an appropriate color for Sympathy? For some reason I think it is ... I could look it up, I suppose, but that sounds like work.

Now for my discovery of the week. Hmm ... maybe I should have a new category for "discoveries". Mind you, these are discoveries for me. Most people probably already know about these things. But hey, if I find something new, I like to share. During my blog surfing - one of those activities where I find cool stuff but forget how I got there - I ran into Brenda's blog. What I saw reminded me of my stamping style, so I linked to her in my "Blogs I read when I have the time" list. While perusing her posts, I saw this one and I was WOWed by the stitched papers. They are done by Stefani Tadio of Pine Tree Designs, and they are fabulous. I recommend you take a few moments to check out her site and her etsy store. Beautiful work!

On a sad note, we lost the fabulously talented Don Lafontaine this week. Here is a good interview with him talking, a lot:

and I would be remiss if I did not include this one:

Okay, that's enough stuff for now. I think I'll go make up my kits for tomorrow while it is still light out, just in case the Big Wind comes through later and knocks out power. A girl's gotta be prepared!


  1. i have a question for you...when you sit down and make a card, how many of them do you make at a time...and what are your assembly line tips, if you have any

  2. Hey thanks for the mention!!

    You and Brenda and I have a big ol' mutual admiration society going on lately. :-)

    (Love the purple cards - beautiful!)

  3. Thanks for the tip for storing your Cuttlebug embossing folders! I've been racking my brain on a practical and inexpensive way to store them. Now if I don't forget between now and the next time I look at those e. folders :)


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