Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I Have No Focus

I kid you not - I have no focus right now. Or ever, really. I could not be so easily distracted if I had any focus whatsoever.

I should be making more Bar & Bat Mitzvah cards tonight. Instead, I made another spider, this one with hairy legs. Here he is next to the spider I made last night:

Here he is up close:

I have named him Harry. Harry Spider. I think he has way more appeal with hairy legs, don't you?

Then I looked at the collection I had of other punched-out parts in the opposite colors (each photo corner punch punches a large and a small, so you need to punch 4 of each to get 4 big ones, leaving 4 small ones, and visey versey in the other color.) What to do, what to do ... So I made two more spiders, and I used a different adhesive on each one. Hey, if I am gonna play, it might as well be educational, right? So here they are:

A fuzzy herd of spiders. I really need to get that camera to focus, too. Or maybe it is operator error; just maybe. The two in front have the opposite color legs as the ones in the back - black on green. And I have no photo corners left over! Yay!

For the one on the left I used Mono Multi for the adhesive, and for the one on the right I used liquid glue, largely because it was out, and we all know I never put anything away. This is what happens when you use the liquid glue and then try to assemble the spider before everything is dry:

You get a sorry, gooey mess. So if you love liquid glue, do yourself a favor and let the glue dry before you try to assemble, okay?

Then I was further distracted when I walked past the SU scallop square punch that was still out from the last workshop ... and I got a hair-brained idea to make this:

It is supposed to be Frankie. I have seen several versions of Frank made out of other stuff, but this was, well, you know: already out and readily available. I think if I practice some more I might get it to work.

Okay, everyone together now: Get A Life! Sigh, oh, alright. I think I am done for tonight, so tomorrow I'll make some cards. It is thunder-booming outside right now, so I think I'll sit and enjoy the show. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. They are too cute!!!!

    I vote for the use of googlie eyes. You can't go wrong with googlie eyes.

  2. Your spider needs Nair!
    I like Frankie- he has potential.

  3. SO cute. You have magic! This is magically cute! Who needs focus when you have hocus pocus! ;O)

  4. I love these little spiders! I'm going to have to steal this idea. And maybe put a pumpkin next to them!


  5. These are darling! If this is what you do when you have no focus, I would love to see what you make when you DO have focus!



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