Wednesday, September 24, 2008

SYFY Tip #3 - The Missing Layer

When I arrived home this evening, my latest PTI order was waiting for me on my doorstep. I had to break it open and check out the goods! But before I would let myself use them, I wanted to finish up the project I started last night.

I think "started" is a very strong word, here. I had an idea: use the SU Bella's Border wheel somehow on a project for my October workshops. All I managed to accomplish last night was to ink the wheel with Riding Hood Red and roll it over a piece of Riding Hood Red card stock. Then I looked at it. And looked at it some more. Then I went to bed. I was pretty sure I wanted to try and use it with some of my Bella Rose stash of DS papers, since I had plenty to go around for a workshop, but I never made it past that thought.

Tonight, I looked at it some more, then decided to ink it up and wheel it on white instead of red. I did spend some time playing with the wheel guide, since I have one and never use it, and maybe, just maybe, if I whip out that baby for the workshops, I might entice someone to need one for themselves. I am wickedly enabling, but in a very subtle way. ;-) So I played around with the width of the card stock strip until I figured how wide to make it so it was not too narrow for people to run a wheel across, but not so wide it looked stupid. I ended up with it a little too wide on purpose, so I could give them room to wheel, and then we'd tie a ribbon around the "space" at the bottom of the strip. Pure genious, don't you agree? Maybe they will love the ribbon, too. See? Wicked, yet subtle.

Okay, okay, here's the card:

Most of this card, outside of the wheeled piece, of course, came together in about 5 minutes, and mostly by accident. See, it really helps when you never put anything away, because it can be so inspiring! I had a piece of 4x5 1/4 Riding Hood Red just sitting out on my work table, and I held up the strip of white over it to try it out. Then I wheeled a few rows of the same wheel onto the RHRed so it was not so boring. Then I found that scrap of RHRed DS paper next to the cutter (it is left over from the striped pieces I cut last night for my Christmas Quilt cards - the flip side of the DS paper). It looked busy, but so what. I tied on the RHRed ribbon, then decided it needed something in the bottom right corner, for balance, and probably a sentiment. The sentiment is from the Pocket Silhouettes set, also left out (not put away). [Yeah, yeah, the corner of the red is peeled away from the white base, because I put the brads in after-the-fact and this is a mock-up and no one really expects any less from one of my mock-ups. I will tell them they can do theirs correctly!]

Now here comes the SYFY part: No RHRed brads, right? So I used black, since I love black with red & white. But there was no other black on the card, so I thought, "Hmmm, it would have been a good idea to put a layer of black card stock under that border", but everything was already stuck down. Then I remembered something I've done only once or twice in my card-making career - faux layers! I took out a ruler and ran my black marker along both edges of the white strip to make it look like it had a layer of black under it. It really sharpened the look of the whole thing, I think. Maybe not as good-looking as a piece of black card stock, but still pretty passable.

So what do you think? Sale-worthy? Workshop-worthy? Inquiring minds want to know!

Now I must go play with my new PTI stuff. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love this card! It may have come together mostly by accident but it turned out fabulously!!!
    I also love the devious way your mind works...LOL! I have the wheel guide and use it all the time...I'm a bit pedantic about things like that :)
    Definitely both workshop and sale-worthy....nice job!

  2. That card is fab! I've been thinking about that wheel and now that I've seen this beautiful card it's moving to the top of my list.

    My PTI order came on Monday -- Mazel Tov & additions and the Guide Lines set. I've already done one card design for Rosh Hashanah and tonight will try another. Love your Quilt cards! That PTI stuff is awesome!

  3. I think that looks really great! Nice job.

  4. Wow...awesome card...I would have never guessed that you used marker for the layer...

  5. Practically perfect...just add an actual layer of black cs to make it PERFECT for workshop AND sales :) JMO...


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