Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Little Side Trip

I took a little side trip today - not by car, but by stamps. Yeah, I started playing with my PTI Quilt set and thought I'd try it using Christmas colors. I also thought I'd maybe use one or two of the other quilt square patterns, just to mix it up a little. I will say, though, that the one I use in the corners (I am so quilt-ignorant that I have no idea what that pattern is) is definitely my favorite. Maybe because it has less to color. Ya think?

Now I must beg of you to look past the really bad photography and just assume that all these colors really do go together, because they really do in real life. I spelled that out, by the way (that one, too) because I am old, and every time I see acronyms in an email or a post I have to stop my brain and figure out what it means. I know most of my beloved three (or maybe four) readers are much younger than I am, and they get it, but still, I have to proof-read this thing, and I do not want to stop and translate my own writing, k?

So here we go:

In real life, these reds match. I used the Copic equivalent of SU Bravo Burgundy, but the Bravo Burgundy card stock was way too dark, so I hauled out some of the new Riding Hood Red, and it goes much better with the quilt. Really. I said you'd have to trust me on that one.

I could not decide which sentiment to use, so true to form, I did one of each. Here's my second one:

Blurry, I know. I think they have promise, but I dunno - they are a lot of work. And I do not sell a lot of holiday cards. And I am only doing two holiday shows this year (so far.) I guess this could be the card I send to people..... HAHAHAHAHA! ROTFLMBO! *snort* *snicker* Oh, yeah, like I'd even think of planning my holiday cards in September. Oh, hoo, he he, that is so funny.

(Oh, if you do not know what ROTFLMBO means, go look it up here.)

But seriously, I did finally mail the applications for the two local Holiday shows I do, and I hope to once again be accepted, embraced and acknowledged as having a product worthy of selling. Actually, so far no one else has been stupid crazy enough to try and make a go of selling cards at a pay-for-a-spot show, so I am pretty safe at being the only card-monger there. It's funny when people stop by my booth and ask me how I am doing (translation: "are you actually making any money doing this?") I tell them I do it because I love it, and the Day Job pays for it. Then they take pity on me and sometimes they buy something.

That's all the news I have fit to type now. I think I'll go spend some quality time with kitty and go to bed early. I am reading a really good book (historical fiction - that King Charles II's court was one roudy time in English history!) and I have been staying up late and getting up late and getting to work late and hitting the ground running once I get there, and I am just too old for all of that silliness.


  1. Lovely cards...I like the second one the best...with the warm (thinking about the quilt as being warm) wishes...these must be time consuming...

  2. Love the quilt images...they are beautiful (not crazy about the background paper)or (NCABGP) :) LOL

    No farmers market pics? Maybe I missed something good...must go back and read ..again!

  3. You crack me up! You spelled out IRL, but then used "k" and "ROTFLMBO". I love how you cross out words too. I often want to say things like that in my blog, but don't know how. So you can't be old, because you are much more "with it" than I am, and I am practically a baby :)

  4. I love what you did with that PTI set. I may have to order it.

    Someday I may put my big girl undies on and try a show myself.


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