Thursday, September 4, 2008

SYFY Tip #2, and a Finished Wedding Card

When you mess up as often as I do, you grab all the tips you can glean from other sources and save them for that moment that you are SURE will come, at which time you dig through the dusty brain cells and bring it to the front and out your finger tips. Is that even possible?

Let's leave those jumbled thoughts behind us and move on to SYFY (Save Yourself From Yourself) Tip #2. Good news! I found my clear stamps for the 'Wedding Wishes' sentiment! Yay! Now these are very small word stamps, and you know if it could be stamped crooked, I'd do it. I saw this tip on someone's blog, so I remembered it and now I am sharing it with you.

You know that ever-present grid paper in some of our lives? How about we use it, hmmm? Check out how I lined up the two words on my almost-not-big-enough acrylic block:

Those words lined up reeeal nice-like when I used the grid on the paper as my guide. This is a cool thing about clear stamps - you have the opportunity to see a potential 'OMG, I've ruined my whole project because I stamped the sentiment crooked!' moment and save yourself. Or if you are me, I'd probably stamp it crooked anyway, but you would get a chance to save yourself.

Next, I did a test stamp of the sentiment onto my work surface paper, because I wanted to see what it looked like under the vellum. I placed a scrap of the vellum over my test image, and I thought it softened the ink enough to be okay.

Last step: stamp it onto the Very Vanilla base. Naturally I stamped it a little crooked. Hey, it's what I do best!

Here is the finished card:

That's all for tonight. I think I'll go work on the "new neighbor who does not walk her dog, but lets the dog out at 5 am and lets it bark and wake up the neighbors" card that I actually have an idea for (for which I actually have an idea.)


  1. The wedding card is just gorgeous! After you've finished the card for the neighbour who lets their dog out to wake everyone up card, I'd like to put in an order for a "When you're not home your dog whines the whole time and drives me mad" card...any ideas?

  2. hehehe fun dog cards...Oh thanks for the paper you sent...My daughter has sooooo excited...


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