Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy New Year, and a Market Update

This is the New Year's card I made this morning before I left for my Saturday market. No, I did not sell any, but I really like how it came out!

The image is from the PTI Mazel Tov set, and I think it looks like a Tree of Life, so that's what it is here. I used my two blue Copics to color it to look like it has depth. Well, that's what I was going for, anyway. The blue paper is some Prism card stock I bought in one of my online shopping sprees earlier this summer.

I used the silver pen I also got from PTI along with my template from the SU Mat Pack to make the dots in the corners. I guess you could stay it's my answer to paper piercing. I also put silver dots along the scalloped border, and in two of the swirls on the image.

The sentiment is a variation of ... hey, wait a minute. If you read yesterday's post, you've got this one all figured out already, right?

Rosh Hashana is Head of the Year, or New Year.
Mazol Tov is Luck Good aka: Good Luck.
So L'Shana Tovah is ...... Good Year!

Now how many of you got that, huh? L'Shana Tovah is actually a shorter way of saying "L'shannah tovah tikatevu," or "May you be written down (inscribed) for a good year", but it has come to be used as a way of saying Happy New Year! We also wish each other a sweet year, and celebrate by dipping bread and apples in honey. Yum! And if you are counting, the new year is 5769. Yeah, we go way back.

Enough about that. Today's market started out with a bang and went out with a wimper. But I did better than last Saturday, which was not really difficult to do.... I think things are just slowing down for the season everywhere. The farmers have less stuff, and people are just not coming out as much as they did during the Summer months. Today was the last day for my CSA, too, so no more veggies for me. Well, no more automatic veggies for me. I will naturally buy them as long as the farmers still have stuff. Which reminds me: I need to go wash and put away those veggies before I leave for dinner tonight, or those pesky fruit flies will take up residence. I'll go make my salad and put everything else away. I definitely plan to starve them out.


  1. Pretty!

    Bread and apples in honey...tasty!

  2. Nice card. It turned out well.

    Have you ever been to the Sugarloaf craft sale?

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Mazel Tov set! The Tree of Life stamp looks gorgeous with Copics. Great idea for using it on an RH card. I haven't played with that one yet but it looks like I'll have to!

  4. VERY PRETTY! Thanks for the refresher best friend when I was really young was Jewish, and she taught me these things, which I no longer can keep straight in my head :)


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