Friday, September 19, 2008

What Color Is A Frog's Tongue?

So, do you know? What color is a frog's tongue? Every savvy stamper needs to know these things. No, really - we do! I mean c'mon, if you need to add a frog's tongue to a card, don't you need to know what color to make it? Do you know how difficult it is to search the Web for frog+tongue? Well, the searching part is easy. It's the wading through the stuff that comes back that is, um ... different. Who knew there was so much information on frogs out there?!

Back to the tongue...I made it red.

This card is the result of me discovering this frog and sentiment (both by Custer's Last Stamp) in one of my bought-and-not-used-or-put-away-yet bags of stuff, and deciding to use them. I wanted to use green, so I grabbed some of the Certainly Celery DS papers for the layer, and I used Artichoke ink and card stock to go with it. That other color layer is purple, though it looks brown here. And ... it is a scrap from the heap. Yay! The sentiment fit perfectly in the new SU Wide Oval punch. I was pretty happy about that!

The frog was boring by himself, so that's when I decided that with this sentiment, he needed a tongue. I finally cut one that I think looks okay, and I cut a slit in his mouth and fed it through. Well, more like forced it through. I used the point of the exacto knife to poke it through. It is not stuck down except on the back where I anchored it, so it swings freely when the card is out of its sleeve. ;-) I thought about putting a dead bug (fake, of course) in the tongue, but then I decided not to. I am such a weenie sometimes.

In a frantic moment of guilt, I remembered I need another wedding card for tomorrow. I need to leave my Saturday market early (like Noon) so I can get home, shower and change, then drive to Gettysburg, PA (only about an hour door-to-door) for a wedding. I opted to be lazy and made the same card I made for last weekend, but I used a different ribbon.

This is some really yummy Martha ribbon I bought in a weak moment, and I finally got to use it. There is too much of it to wind onto one of my clothespins, so it is not in the Every Color Ribbon bins and I keep forgetting I have it. I need another box in The Closet for these things.

I ran the SU Forever Flowers wheel down the edge of the envelope inked in Sahara Sand. I love that color!

Then I made these cards using the remaining three window pane cards and my must-have baby owl stamps:

Didja notice I got all the owls stuck on with their eyes looking in the right direction? ;-) That background paper is another scrap I had out in The Heap, and I think it added just enough color and pattern to the card without overwhelming it. And there's that old Happy Birthday stamp again! It was a perfect fit for the window pane! I stamped it in Choc Chip and edged it with one of my Copics. I am really starting to love those markers.

One more project in the works: Last night I printed city names on 40 more note cards, then stamped the town house stamp on all of them. Tonight I stamped my Web site name on the backs (times 40) and I've started to color them. I do not think I'll have any ready for tomorrow, but I hope to get home from the wedding early enough tomorrow night to have them ready for my Sunday market.

I'll check back in later this weekend to let you know if I am still vertical. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. That SU flowers wheel looks so elegant on that envelop...hmmm I think is a new on my want list...

  2. you know what would be a cool blog candy? pick a random, unopened bag off the heap...yeah, i dare ya! hee

    also, the owls are impressive with their looking, impressive

  3. Well, at least one of us is being really productive! I have not :(

    I have not even checked any blogs in the past two days except you, Kristie, and Lauren. No time to create, and too tired to be inspired. For now.

    Your frog card gave me a chuckle, the wedding card is gorgeous (I like your Martha ribbon), and you have owls (also the new pear, right?)!!! The owl card is perfect, and the most exciting part is you used up some stash :)


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