Friday, September 5, 2008

Barking Dog Card

Here's my card for my fellow vendor who wanted something to give to the "new neighbor who does not walk her dog, but lets the dog out at 5 am and lets it bark and wake up the neighbors". There are two versions posted here, but it's really just one card.

Now that I look at this, it appears the dog is sitting in the tree. That is NOT the look I was going for. He is supposed to be sitting next to the tree. This may need some work...

I stamped the A Muse window on white, then I actually cut out all the panes with my exacto knife. I cut out a piece of acetate and stuck it on the back of the window, then I stamped the dog and the tree on another piece of white, stuck it to the back of the whole thing and trimmed it to the window shape.

I wanted it to look like wall paper with a chair rail, but I just used the strip of DS paper I cut off the 6x6 piece to make it 5 1/2. I am lazy like that. I drew the Home Sweet Home sign (can't you tell?) and spent way too long trying to get the darn Linen Thread through the tiny holes I made with my paper piercer. But I like how it came out!

When I got home just now I made a speech bubble for the dog as an after-thought and just stuck it on. Not sure about it, though. What do you think?

Well, we are supposed to be slammed by Hurricane Hanna tomorrow (no relation, but thank you for asking), and I refuse to go to the store to buy the crackers I need, because I'll have to stand in line with all the crazy people buying bread, milk and toilet paper. I will never, ever understand that logic, but people do it every time there is a forecast of bad weather. My Saturday market will probably not happen. My CSA farmer just called me to say he'd be at the market early to deliver the CSAs, then he's leaving. Farmer Mike lives east of here, and they have issued a several-day severe weather warning for his county, so he will probably not make the drive, either. I only go if the farmers are there to draw the crowds, so I may get my Saturday to myself this weekend. Woo-hoo!

I'll see if I can crank out some cards tonight before the Clean Sweep that must happen tomorrow. I will have a full house for both my Sunday workshops, so I need to be prepared, man! I'll let you know how that goes, as in: will she be done by midnight? Ha! Miracles do occur every day. ;-)

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  1. I like it with the bark bark bark bubble - your card is so cute and so nice. Mine is not so nice. I'll post it later tonight!


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