Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Because Someone Asked

Because someone asked why in the HECK I have a hippo stamp, I am here to tell you I own it to make this card. Yep, I searched for years for a hippo stamp for the sole purpose of making a card such as this, and one day I spotted it on the Rosie's Roadshow Web site (this must have been before Angela started carrying the Rosie's line in her shop, because now I only buy my Rosie's stuff from Angela. Or maybe I knew Angela carried Rosie's and asked her to order it for me. Whatever. I own it, and that's what's important here.)

The hippo and sheep's behind images are from Rosie's; the birdie is from Inky Antics. The DS paper is SU and from The Heap. The Choc Chip and Vanilla are also scraps, and the base is virgin Very Vanilla. The bird is a really funky color because I started with yellow, and it was hideous; then I went over it with a YG (yellow-green) color to soften it and it got, well, green; then I added a blue and went over and over it until it looked blue, but it was still green; then I went over it with ANOTHER blue until I got what you see here. I could not make this up, nor could I ever recreate this particular color blue.

Since I have yet to find this sentiment anywhere in cyberspace, I have been forced to resort to writing it by hand lo these many years. This time I punched them out with the Word Window punch and shortened the pieces a bit to fit the words.

I do believe the bling on the punched slits was a misguided decision on my part, but my blue brads up and walked away somewhere, and the bling was on the table, so, well, that's why I used them. I am almost over it now.

Well, my SU Workshop order has arrived, as well as my SAB bonus set - I got Thoughts & Prayers, so I did not really buy it, you see. ;-) Now I must mount the set so I can play! I'll get to dividing up the order tomorrow.

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  1. I have a coffee mug with that very sentiment :)

    Very cute card, Miss Leslie!

  2. It all makes perfect sense now why you have and obviously NEED a hippo stamp in your collection.
    I love that you always answer my questions straight away...I knew there'd be a perfectly good explanation for it :) This is a cool card by the have a great imagination and if I ever find a sentiment stamp that has that on it, it's yours ♥

  3. Hello Leslie! I am a card maker and fellow blogger from Delaware. I stumbled onto your site via a link from the Pioneer Woman site. I just wanted to tell you that I find your cards lovely and to tell you about a card makers site that I am a part of. Please check it out - we would love to see you there!!!

  4. now see, i've seen that sentiment...and i have even considered using clipart or some such to make it m'self...but i have NEVER seen anyone STAMP IT!!! and i mean, stamp it in such a way that it is cuter and cooler and "more authentic" looking than the hallmarky-pre-fab versions.

    i doff my crafty chapeau in your general direction, missus. you take the creative cake, for sure!!!



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