Sunday, June 7, 2009

Krum Update and More Creative Avoidance

It's time for a Krum update! For those of you who may not remember Krum, he was a stow-away kitten in one of the farmers' trucks a year or two ago. Actually, he was one of a litter of one of the feral cats on her property, and the momma cat had either left him there, or was in the middle of a litter move. Either way, there he was, hungry, lonely, and at least 8 hours from seeing his momma again. We did our best to keep him comfortable, but it was a losing battle until one of our market regulars stepped in and took him home to see what she could do for him. When she brought him back at 2:00, it was to tell us she was keeping him. And he could not have found a better home! Here are some pics from that first summer:

This is that first day when his adoptive Mom stopped by to tell us he was hers for good! What a sweetie (both she AND the kitten!) He was about 4 weeks here. Look at those blue eyes! Look how tiny he was! (Sorry the pic is fuzzy ...)

Two weeks later, she brought him to visit us in his snugglie! Stinkin' cute!

This is Krum last summer when he was about 7 months old. She said he is GORgeous. Don't you just want to touch that fur?!?!

And he likes strawberries!

How regal!

She said he is bigger than this now...well, of course he is - it's been another year! We are all so glad he found a good, loving home. Krum's Mom has been talking with the farmer in whose truck Krum was a stow-away, trying to adopt another kitten. What a gal!!!

On to the creative avoidance portion of our show. I had this idea, and since one of my new dies just arrived this week, I needed to use it. I had no choice, you understand. I only bought this die because of this post on Stefani's blog. Yes, once again, it is all Stefani's fault. I may even blame her if I fail to get my projects designed for next weekend. :-)

So here's the story. The timeshare I have in FL is called Tortuga, and 'tortuga' is Spanish for 'tortoise'. Naturally, that's their logo, and they even have a turtle tiled into the bottom of the pool. When I saw Stefani's turtle magnet, I thought it would be cool to make some similar magnets and donate them to the resort to sell in the front office. The money from the sales would go to the Beautification Fund to replace the foliage that got wiped out with Hurricane Charlie and a few others that followed him.

Here's my version:

I cut the scallops with my Nesties from some Prism papers. (A little aside: it took me forEVER to locate the hiding place of those papers. Ya know why? Because I'd put them away, that's why. See? In my world, at least, that only makes things tougher to find.) I cut the turtle from some SU Brushed Copper paper scraps I have in The Heap.

I think I'll send three of these to the condo office and see what they think. In my next version I may fill in the sections of the turtle shell somehow. I'm thinking Crystal Effects with some reinker added for color. Maybe Taken With Teal, or the new In Color Bermuda Bay that will arrive on my doorstep on Tuesday this week can you tell I am excited?!?!?!

Man, I really need to work on those Stamp Camp projects. Sigh ... I guess I have until next Saturday night to before I panic. Okay, I'm off to see if I can accomplish something today...thanks for stopping by!


  1. Krum is absolutely gorgeous!

    (thanks for taking the password control box thingy away)

  2. Krum is a handsome devil :)

    Your tortoise magnets are a very cool idea...keep us posted!

    You have succeeded in your creative work on stamp camp.

  3. The turtle is GORGEOUS and I think would look even more gorgeous with the shell filled...maybe with glitter (ok, not everyone loves glitter as much as I do) or as you suggested, CE and reinker. I think that it's great that you want to help them out like are sweet ;)


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