Friday, January 24, 2014

CASE #6 - Music Love

More than once on this blog I've mentioned I feel I belong to a confused generation. My parents were children of the Depression, so I was raised believing everything could be re-purposed, and not a lot was thrown away. My kids are of the disposable generation, where it's actually less money to replace something than try to fix it. I'm stuck in the middle. I start out with, "Oh, I could use that on a card." then I realize (1) I almost never do, (2) I have no room to store all the stuff, and (3) I almost never like anything I make with recycled stuff.

So, I got a prezzie wrapped in some cool musical kraft paper, and I just couldn't throw it away, so I saved it. Then the other day I saw this card on Pinterest and I knew what I had to do. I CASEd it and made this:

I'm not crazy about it (see (3) above), but I did use the paper, and also a piece of red specialty paper I found in a box. It has a $2.00 price tag on it. Given that it's very old, that is a LOT of money for an 8.5x11 piece of paper. I hacked it up, cut it wrong, hacked some more, and ended up with two cards. Yes, just two. Sigh. Can you say "money pit"?

Both the kraft and red papers were pretty flimsy, so I stuck them to a piece of white card stock, then layered that onto some black. I found my collection of lace and used a piece from Ellen Hutson (it's linked below) on the diagonal. After I stuck on the die-cut words, I thought it still needed something on the left, so I stamped an old Hero Arts stamp with some of my now-open Simon Says Stamp Schoolhouse Red ink, then cut it out and stuck it on with dimensional adhesive.

I had two usable pieces of the red paper, so I made a second card, but my trimming got out of control and it ended up more like a 4x4 square:

Yeah.  If you click on one of the photos to embiggen it, you might be able to see the texture of the red paper. It's actually gold on the other side. Pretty neat paper.

As I said, I'm not too crazy about these, but I've done it, scratched it off my To Do list, and now I'll move on to something else.

Speaking of recycling, remember that purple mesh I used on this card? Every time I buy Brussels sprouts I get another piece of purple mesh. The last one is now a cat toy, and there's another one in the fridge. It will become trash, unless, of course, any of you want(s) it. I can stick it in an envelope and send it to you. Just email me.

Thanks for stopping by!

Products used: SU black card stock, musical wrapping paper, misc specialty paper, Hero Arts Heart of Love stamp, misc cream card stock, and the following:


  1. I think these are very pretty. The kraft paper and the (pricey!) red paper are perfect together. I have to remind myself to throw stuff away, too. I rarely upcycle anything, and I need to quit saving crap!

  2. I never think to recycle gift wrap to use on cards! (mostly because we are kid-like in our process of opening gifts - tearing into that paper to get to the gift! LOL!) You go girl! Your cards came out fabulous! Awesome job!

  3. Good for you! Using the wrapping paper and that fancy red paper you've had for awhile. I think we all have grand visions for the random things we save in our craftrooms. I say more kudos to the ones who actually use it, like you did here. I'm terrible at using the non-crafting things I've saved so I don't save them anymore. I have a lot of crafting things that need to be used too, now that I say that.

  4. I needed to make a birthday card last night to go in the mail today. I got home from work and quickly shuffled around my stash and what did I find but something I've saved for years--a shiny silver printed Happy Birthday background that came from a gift card/coupon a store sent me. I remembered this post and knew immediately I had to use it, just because. Yippee for me! (sorry I have put it on my blog yet, gotta wait for the recipient to get it)


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