Saturday, January 25, 2014

OCC: Stenciled - Day One Homework

I'm taking the Online Card Classes Stenciled class, and I'm actually trying to keep up with the homework this time! The first day showed us several ways to use our stencils with ink, and I chose to try Laura Bassen's idea of emboss resist. Here's my card:

Instead of the bunch of paper and thread Laura used in the center of her heart, I chose to emboss a sentiment on a piece of vellum and wrap it around the distressed layer. I like that dye ink stays wet on vellum, so I just used Hero Hues black and embossed it clear. I chose vellum because I didn't want to totally cover up all my work on that heart! :)

Now I'm off to work on today's homework. :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Products used: Hero Arts Big All Time Greetings, vat of clear embossing powder, heavy-weight vellum, and the following:


  1. beautiful :) i am off to buy my inks today then play catch up on the class!!

  2. I also LOVED Laura's card and went to my LSS yesterday to buy this fabulous stencil. So excited that it was in stock and No iw HOPE to play more today!!

    Thanks for sharing your card in the Gallery...I plan to use some fun different colors too and yours came out great!

  3. Wow, that's beautiful! I like the sentiment on the vellum because it lets the heart show through.


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