Thursday, January 16, 2014

Epic Brussel Sprouts Birthday

I am not an upcycler when it comes to cards. I rarely save non-stampy items to use on cards - I just don't have the space. But when I saw my Brussels sprouts came in a cool purple mesh bag, I knew it needed to be used on a card. I brought it into the craft room and forgot about it.

Then today on Splitcoast, they announced the Fan Club theme* for January: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (upcycle something), so I did! And I even I made two versions of the card. Here is the first one:

This card also generally follows an optional sketch we were given. I had my Core'dinations Beach/Whitewash card stock out for something else, so I thought I'd use this green piece with the purple mesh. I cut two ovals, one nested inside the other, and flipped the smaller oval over to the other side of the card stock.

I added a purple layer from the same Beach 12x12 pack, and embossed the "epic" to pull in more purple. Yeah, I know it's not the right color purple, but since purple is only one step above (gah) pink in my world, mostly due to my inability to get different purples to play together, I'm not losing any sleep over it.

Here is the second version, just flipped vertically:

I got a little better with adhering the mesh here - spread it out more and used more Sookwang/Be Creative tape to hold it. I also had to use a lot more of the tape to hold down the oval ... sticking things to mesh is serious business, apparently.

This was fun!

Thanks for stopping by!

* If you can't access the SCS links, you need to join Splitcoast's Fan Club. I think it's worth it for all the resources and challenges they provide.

Products used: Core'dinations Beach/Whitewash 12x12 card stock, vat of clear EP, Spellbinders Petite Ovals, and the following:


  1. I read the title of the post and skipped to the photos of the card, looking for the Brussels sprout. It wasn't the oval, they're round-ish. It wasn't the color of the oval, they're more green. Then I read the text. OH....the mesh was the packaging FOR the Brussels sprouts. Got it. Great idea. Love the card. Really.

  2. I'm liking the purple mesh. I had some interesting vegetable mesh once that I saved for years before giving it the boot. Yeah, I'm not into that upcycling/recycling thing either.


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