Wednesday, January 8, 2014

CASE #4 - Part Second

Earlier today I posted a CASEd card involving washi tape. In that post I mentioned I planned to make more, only the full A2 size, and I did.

This is the first one I made -- a proof-of-concept, if you will, before I went all crazy:

I really liked it! These tapes came from a set, so the matchy-matchy work was done for me. The stamps are from a CAS-ual Fridays set, and I'm quite proud I managed to get them straight. I put the Totally and Awesome on the block together so they came out the same each time. For the "you are", I drew a line using my T-square for the first card so it had a chance of being straight. I think it came out a bit too high here, but I can live with it. :)

The card needed something in all that white space, so I colored some wood veneer stars and stuck them on.

So then I went all crazy and cut up card stock for 14 more cards. Hey, with the prospect of using up some washi tape from my collection, I was all over this.

Here are four of them:

Some use tapes from sets and some are individual rolls. I might have been a little stabby trying to find just the right color green or blue. And for these, drawing a line with the T-square sounded like work, so I eye-balled them and they are pretty straight, even. Yes, I'm very proud.

One of the beauties of this craft is there is no reason for indecision. If you can't decide which way to use the tapes, do one of each, like this:

Works for me! :)

And last, I used some (gah) pink tapes, because girly girls are also awesome:

Okay, I might be done with this design now.

Thanks for stopping by!

Products used: Misc washi tapes, and the following:


  1. All I can say is these cards are awesome, just like you! It always impresses me how you can crank out so many great cards at a time. Congratulations on using up some of your Washi tape stash, too :)

  2. How much fun to play around with so many variations! Love how you added the stars...perfect touch!

  3. Those cards are totally awesome! You're killin' my budget with the washi tape things, though. I just bought about 15 rolls at Staples ($2 and 25% off!) and now I already need more. Stoppit. No, don't stoppit, I love seeing the cards.

  4. Love all your different versions of the same card. I'm terribly impressed that you can get the tape on so straight.


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