Tuesday, January 14, 2014

SOS #134 - Miss You

It's Tuesday, and time for a new challenge at Shopping Our Stash. This week we ask you to make a card with a Miss You theme.

I do this a lot for Operation Write Home, so this time I wanted to use some of the images in one of my new OWH Hero Arts stamp sets, so I made this:

I'm quite happy with how this turned out. You see, prior to making this card I was very busy adding shelves to my craft room closet Elfa configuration. I had recently purchased some additional shelves for two of my closets, and I spent most of that day installing them. Normally this isn't too big of a deal, but this house has 9-foot ceilings instead of the 8-foot type I'm used to, so the supporting rails go waaaaaay up. For a while I was trying to install shelves over my head until I got a clue and moved them down a few notches.

But before I got wise, I did drop one of the shelves. It's okay - no one was hurt, and it was caught by one of the lower shelves that was installed shortly after I moved in. However, on that lower shelf was a clear plastic box full of miscellaneous brads, all neatly organized into sections. When the crash happened, it wasn't so much the shelf I heard as the shattered plastic box hitting the floor and about a squillion brads spreading out everywhere. Ugh.

My point is: you really should appreciate the two faux eyelet brads I've used here:

No, I didn't bother re-sorting them. They are pretty much all scooped up and randomly dumped into the box, which is now held together with washi tape.

About those brads ... do you remember when they came out? That was back in the days when we needed to use a hammer and setting tool to set an eyelet. We must have thought these brads were WAY easier, except for that "punch two holes" part. Still, no hammering. Now, with the Crop-A-Dile, I'm pretty sure these brads are more work. In fact, I know they are. But now that I have a totally disorganized box of so many brads, I suspect you'll be seeing me use them, if only to get rid of them.

Also on this card is a piece of striped card stock from The Heaplet. The sentiment was stamped and embossed on a piece of the reverse side of it. I made two of these cards, and that piece of paper from The Heaplet is mostly gone. Yay! :) Also, the January Our Daily Bread challenge over at OWH is to use stripes, so: BONUS! I'll link this up over there.

Okay, one more story with this card ... yeah, it was quite the day. I knew I wanted to flock his antlers, but then I decided to flock his nose, too, mostly because I didn't like how I colored it. I used a Martha Stewart felt-tipped glue pen to hold the flocking, but when I went to layer the white rectangle onto the brown, the flocking flaked off! IT DID! GAH! Then I remembered I use my SU 2-Way glue for flocking, so I went in search of one of those pens. Look what I found:

This is what happens when you are an SU Demo and you (1) give classes, so you have multiples of everything, plus back-ups, and (2) you buy more to bump an order up to the next Hostess level. Yeah, I think I'm set for glue for a while.

Oh, and I used this expired sketch from The Friday Mash-Up for the card:

Wanna play along? Make a card or other project with a Miss You theme, then come back to Shopping Our Stash and link us up so we can see what you've made!

Thanks for stopping by!

PS: I'm still finding miscellaneous brads when I step on them in my stocking feet. #ow

Products used:  SU brown flock, SU 2-Way glue, SU Early Espresso card stock (from The Heaplet), misc brads, a vat of clear embossing powder, and the following:


  1. Empty out the vacuum and go over the area of the spill. You might be able to save yourself more carpet surprises... Also, I <3 this moose.

  2. That moose is so cute. I do remember those "easier" brad/eyelet things. Not easier at all.

  3. Hi, Leslie,
    Actually, I think you need at least two more glue sticks! :D) Love the little moose that face is adorable. Nice project!

  4. Super cute card Leslie! It's amazing that you had to hang shelves and have a brad bomb go off in your craft room in order to complete it! LOL!

    P.S. You can NEVER have too much glue!

  5. Ugh, brads and eyelets are a pain in the buttocks!! I gave all my eyelets away..ugh that must have been a pain to pick up all those brads!!
    Disaster aside...I LOVE your card that moose is awesome!!

  6. arrrrgh! brads EVERYWHERE!!!!!! (& yes, i HAVE stepped on them, seriously painful!) on the other hand, if it means we're going to be seeing more super-cute flocked & bradded moose cards, then i'd say the story has a happy ending! (you'd get A LOT more sympathy if you didn't make things so danged funny ya know, lol!) :) :) :)

  7. Your card is just adorable, but I have to admit I'm sitting here chuckling at your mishap with your eyelets! It's funny but it's not funny, especially when you drop them all on charcoal grey carpeting! Just ask me, I've done the same thing with my plastic box of perfectly separated brads AND eyelets! Thank heavens for my magnetic wand that scooped most of them up! Weeks later, I was still hearing my vacuum sucking a stray up as it clicked in the hose assembly! LOL Better days are comin' :)

  8. Lauren's so right, you'd get more sympathy if you didn't make us laugh! But ouch. I usually spill such things while sitting at my desk, so they get lost in the brown carpet & the dark, scary place under the desk. There be dragons!
    I too use flock to fix colouring - isn't that stuff great? Love this moose, and the pun, and his crazy eyeballs :)

  9. OW! That's for stepping on brads. I used to keep mine in these round tins in a bigger tin box, but after the zillionth time of dropping it or having the cats knock it over (the lids were secure) I changed to this box of tic tac boxes. Much more secure! And yes, I remember those brads that look like an eyelet. I had waaaaay to many eyelets to justify buying those. I still have way more eyelets than I'll ever use (which is pretty much none these days). Anyway, back to your moose card--too cute! And good flocking job even if you had to go at it twice. You can say that's a twice flocked moose, rather like a twice baked potato... what's that about?!


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