Wednesday, January 15, 2014

One Day At A Time

I don't like to make sympathy cards. I don't know many people that do. Unfortunately I needed one this week, and since I'd recently re-discovered my lost bag of go-to stamps, I pulled out my trusty Sympathy set and made this:

There are five stamps here: the words are all one stamp (like I could ever get them that straight), and the squares are individual stamps. I got these at a now-closed LSS back in Maryland many, many years ago. I used to use them with the 2007 SU In Colors, since they are muted and perfect for a sympathy card, but right now the inks are missing in action (probably in a box in the garage, in questionable condition), so I went with brighter colors for this one. Who says a sympathy card needs to be dull?

The inks are all Luxe inks, so they are embossable, but I chose to only emboss the words, and just let the small squares dry. I made the purple layer by using a sponge dauber to apply the same purple ink I'd used for the words to a piece of cream card stock. A perfect match!

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Products used: Endless Creations stamps: Kind Words, Tulip, (can't find the other three squares); SU dimensionals, misc cream card stock, vat of clear EP, and the following:


  1. I like the bright colors, that's a beautiful card. As much as I am committed to NO MORE INK, those Luxe inks sure are tempting.

  2. sorry you needed a sympathy card, missus, but i'm pretty sure there is NO category of greeting that is more appreciated! (& yeah, bright colors are awesome... i think a beautiful card of any kind is the best way to go in this situation!) xoxoxox

  3. Sympathy cards are the hardest to make for sure...but yours is really lovely, I like that you used brighter colours


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