Thursday, January 16, 2014

Retail Therapy

I've been collecting irreverence for many years, and among my stash is a small group of Art Impressions images. I finally broke out the cash-carrying Grandma and made this:

This card is a series of happy accidents, or maybe it's just how my world works. I had chosen that piece of orange-y striped paper from The Heaplet, and needed just the right color for her nightgown. The greenish color you see there is totally manufactured by indecision. I started with Copic Y13, and decided it was toooo yellow, so I went over it with BG34, and then it was tooo green, so I added some B04 to blue it up a bit. See? Totally manufactured.

Then, even though I'd used black in for the image and house coat, I pulled out a piece of brown dotted card stock, also from The Heaplet, and decided it would work for a layer under the image. Not only did I have to use brown ink for the sentiment, but the dots on that brown piece look (gah) pink to me! Well, at least it's outta here now, except for the 3 other pieces still in The Heaplet. Sigh.

And those earrings? I accidentally colored one of them skin color, so I had to color them both skin-color, then make it look like I meant to do that, so I covered them with an orange glaze pen. It's quite shocking and shiny.

Then, I realized my fake money is in a box in the garage somewhere, so I had to copy the stamp package to get the fake money to cut out and stick into a slit in the white layer. When I stuck the white layer down, I was careful not to get too close to the slit so the person who buys this* can just replace it with real cash.

Thanks for stopping by!

* HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I crack myself up. My Etsy store is dead (see that big white space in the right side-bar?) There is NOTHING in my store! I hope to fix that shortly, but still ...

Products used: SU Dimensionals, misc card stock and paper, and the following:


  1. have a box of fake money in your garage, eh? So that's how you afford your lavish lifestyle! ;-) Granny is adorable and I like the accidental color of her nightgown. Your happy accidents are wonderful.

  2. hehe I love that grandma with her shiny earrings, robe and fuzzy slippers. All those "ooops" moments add up to a fabulous card!

  3. Happy accidents are a sign of genius. (Ok, that's what I always say. *koff* That's my story and I'm sticking with it.) Love everything about this card! (and also that you have a box of fake money in your garage!)

  4. ok....laughing about the fake money in your garage ...
    and Jackie's comment.


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