Sunday, January 26, 2014

OCC: Stenciled - Day 3 Homework

In today's Stenciled Online Card Class we learned about different ways to use embossing pastes and other similar media. I've kinda played with these before, but it was fun to get them out again. First up is a card similar to an earlier one I've made:

The sentiment covers an unfortunate schmear of the Ferro paste. Also, I was going to put the dino dude on the stones, but I thought he looked better up on top.

I self-challenged myself to only partially cover the stencil I was using, and this is what it looked like just before I removed the stencil:

That pile of goop in the bottom right of my work area is the dried Ferro I pulled out of the top of the jar. I seem to be missing the plastic inside top piece, so it's dried out a bit. :(

Where was I ... Oh, in hindsight, if I'd masked the part of the stencil I didn't want to use, this would have been easier. Sigh.

Speaking of which, here is another perfect example of why one should mask and not try to wing it:

I wanted to only partially cover this one with embossing paste, but without masking I made quite a mess around the edges. Shoulda masked, and next time I will.

However, I love the two colors here! I colored my embossing paste with Peacock Feathers reinker. I've colored it in previous attempts with Gelatos, but I think the reinkers are much easier. I mixed up way too much, and ended up using it on three different papers for later experimentation:

Here you can see I've mixed up the paste & reinker on a large acrylic block. I have two already-pasted pieces drying on the upper left corner of my desk, and I'm working on #3. And yes, this is an amazingly large work area I have here, not the usual 6x6 spot. I'm trying to keep it this way and not stack things up like I used to do. Let's see how long that lasts.

Oh, for my stencil here I've die-cut a Lil' Inker plate out of some Hero Arts white card stock. I used it three times with no problems. If you don't have stencils, die-cutting is the next best thing! Just make your own. :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Products used: Paper Smooches Dinos 1 Dies, Slice spatula, Hero Arts Ocean Tsumugi note cards, Lil' Inker Cover Up Leaf die, card-stock-weight vellum, mini glue dots, vat of clear embossing powder, and the following: 


  1. Grupasaurus Rawrs! =^_^=

  2. Love your dino card. The black "rocks" are perfect.

  3. Your 2nd card doesn't have messy edges - it has artistic flair!! I really need to get some reinkers to try some of these techniques - looks great! And the grumpasaurus is gorgeous!

  4. That dinosaur is too cute and I think he looks better on top of the stones, too.

  5. Cute dino card! The black rocks are really cool looking. The other card looks so abstract you can't tell that there is a mess.

  6. Great cards - like them both - especially the rocks the dino card, but also the color combo on the second card! Maybe I should work on my homework too...

  7. i *LOVE* when you take online classes and post your essperiments, although it does sort of make me realize how flippin' *LAZY* i am in terms of not really learning new things. sigh. can i be vicariously adventurous via your blog, please? ta v much! :)


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