Tuesday, January 28, 2014

OCC: Stenciled - More Playing

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I was trying something based on another lesson from our Stenciled Online Card Class, and I made this:

That's an embossed stencil that I also inked (only the raised portions are inked). It's kinda cool. Please don't let me buy more stencils just to do this technique.

If you haven't yet taken the class, you totally should! It's interactive until Feb 3rd, after which you can still take it, just without uploading to the gallery or commenting in the forums. I love the lifetime access for these classes - I almost always go back and re-watch a video or two. :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Products used: card-stock-weight vellum, a vat of clear embossing powder, Sizzix rubber embossing mat, and the following:

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  1. Use your Silhouette to cut some stencils before buying any more. I want to get their stencil material. I tried it with a transparency and made a mess. I love this card, the colors are gorgeous.


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