Monday, January 27, 2014

OCC: Stenciled - Day 4 Homework

Oh, what a day, what a world! I'm going to subtitle this post one of the following (take your pick):

1. When "more" is too much.
2. It seemed like a good idea at the time.
3. Taking one for the team.

Yeah, it was one of those days.

I've been working on my homework for Day 4 of the Stenciled Online Card Class, and let's just say this card went in a totally different direction from my original idea.

First, here's the card, then I'll explain the long string of oopses and "I did NOT mean to do that"s:

I had originally made three DIY stencils by cutting the large and two small flames out of some chipboard. I'd intended to have FIRE coming out of that guitar! heh I applied the embossing paste and three colors of embossing powder, then left the room to allow the embossing paste to dry. I didn't want it to bubble up when I heated it.

... tick tock ... I went back later to heat up the embossing powder, and the embossing paste bubbled! I decided to embrace my situation and made sure all three bubbled! HA! I'll show 'em.

Then I placed the guitar on the card front and realized I couldn't use all three flames if I wanted it to be an A2 card, so I had to cut out the larger flame and just use that one. This was okay, since it let me place it where I wanted it. Flexibility with a card layout is a good thing.

Next we'll talk about that guitar:

Please appreciate this photo, as the guitar is the only part of this card I actually like. It all started when I went looking for my wood sheets and they are missing! Or maybe not unpacked. Or put away somewhere safe. After about 15 minutes of muttering I did find a pack of A Muse woodgrain-print card stock, so I used that instead. I die-cut the guitar from both the woodgrain card stock and a piece of white chipboard (it was out) to use as an additional layer for thickness.

Next trauma: See that piece of embossed triangle thing? When you emboss something in multiple colors (in this case, the flame), you can spend all day applying one color at a time and saving the extra back in the bottle, or just use a little bit (use a straw to apply it, or as in my world: a piece of rolled-up computer paper), and then when you tap it all off, you have a row of multiple colors of embossing powders. I took the opportunity to ink up my Tiny Flags background with Versamark and I dumped the mixed-up embossing powders over it. A two-fer! :)

There was so much WHITE on the right side of the card, I actually used part of that embossed piece to fill it in -- hey, the colors were right. Then, since the guitar now sat on top of the Tiny Flags piece, it got lost, so I needed to die-cut a black guitar to use as a shadow behind the woodgrain one for contrast. Then I cut 4 more black guitars to make the thing really thick!

Here's some more detail, and I'll continue with my tales of woe:

The front of the guitar was boring, so I die-cut that black piece you see, but it was white to start with. I pushed it into my Memento Luxe Black ink and clear-embossed it. I had to hold it in one of the openings with tweezers, and then it stuck to the tweezers. My tweezers now have black tips.

The sentiment: I actually did intend to use this sentiment, but I didn't intend to stamp it too close to the left edge of the white piece. I went ahead and embossed it, then I had to get creative, so I put the white layer at an angle on a black card and trimmed off the overhang.

I was still not feeling the love, so I stamped and embossed some tiny stars, and also added thin strips of red card stock around the white layer. As I trimmed the red pieces, I cut into the spine of the card, so it now shows white through the black.

I called it a day.

I may not try heat-embossing on top of embossing paste again. I think I'll stick with coloring the paste for now. Hmmm, I wonder ... nah, maybe another time.

Thanks for stopping by!

Products used: Sizzix chipboard sheets, A Muse woodgrain card stock, Slice spatula, vat of clear embossing powder, misc red card stock, SU embossing powders (Tangerine Tango, Melon Mambo and Cherry Cobbler), and the following:


  1. you make me laugh...I haven't started my day 4 homework yet...but now I am very afraid of the heat embossing...but I am going to try it anyway.

    I think you rocked that card! Yea for persistence. How's Bobra doing?

  2. Well that was quite a day!! I was thinking you were going to say how hot the tweezers got lol. Great card, have a look at it in the morning it will look GREAT!!

  3. Take the rest of the week off, you've earned it! I would not have noticed any of that stuff had you not pointed it out to me. I think the card looks wonderful and I applaud you for persevering. Never give up, never surrender!

  4. I'd say YOU ROCK! The card is fantastic! All your UH-ohs turned into WOW...

  5. ok, so, i really really LOVE the outcome of this card, but actually, even if you had only learned all the cool things you learned in the process... it would've been worth it anyway. (having a sendable card at the end, tho, is such a nice bonus tho too!!!) :) :) :)

  6. An A+ in stick-to-it-ness! I think I'd have thrown in the towel long ago. The finished product looks downright decent though and is a lot of fun. You know what? You rock, too!

  7. Perseverance! I'm like that sometimes - overly so. Like a dog with his/her bone. Even if I've futzed something up, I'll end up still trying to make something of it. But I loved reading your card-making experience because it was reminiscent of my own off-days!


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