Monday, January 6, 2014

In My Heart

The other day I was playing with new stuff, and was determined to use my Simon Says Stamp Viola Sprouts die and make it an inlay. It worked!

I first die-cut the flowers from a white layer, then stuck that to another white layer so it had a back. I cut it again out of two colors of patterned paper, then glued the pieces into the openings. It was a beautiful thing. So simple to do, and it's very flat! :) I might have to play with a few more of my flower dies now.

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  1. That's very pretty. I like the inlaid die cuts, especially the ones with thin pieces like those flower stems. They are a lot easier to work with this way.

  2. you know, i've been LOVING this technique generally, and i think this is one of the very most beautiful cards i've seen made with it! (LOVE the patterned paper flowers! they SO ROCK!) my main worry is: i will try it with the dies i have and instantly become convinced i need to go buy a lot more dies!!! like... starting with... THIS ONE! :) ack! danger! DANGER!!!! :0


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