Sunday, April 8, 2012

Jingle Belles - 'Twas the Sketch Before Christmas

I CANNOT BELIEVE I missed the previous Jingle Belles challenge. *hangs head in shame* To make up for it, I jumped on this one, which is ever-so-cleverly called 'Twas the Sketch Before Christmas, and it's - you guessed it: a sketch!

Here is the sketch:

And I, of course, had to flip it:

because I'm ornery that way. No, in truth, my papers made me flip it. Here's my card:

See? I had to flip the sketch! Who could cover up that yummy paper?! It's Memory Box Yuletide, and I just opened it for the first time today. How sad is that?!! I went through the whole season last year and never opened it. I think that speaks volumes for my SABLE (look it up in the left side bar).

ANYway, back to the card. That paper did all the work. I just cut a strip of a brown piece and went to work on the other parts-is-parts. I wanted to put a snowflake there and layer it up, but I couldn't get the punch to punch the glitter paper. I'm pretty sure I have a snowflake die ... somewhere ... I couldn't find it so I moved on to Plan B. I opened (*ahem* do you see a pattern here?) my SU stocking accessories die I got last year when I purchased the stocking die and used it to cut the ornament shape.

Actually, I started out with the idea to use a frosted box I saved from a purchase and use the die on that, and it worked swell, but the ornament disappeared into the card, so I went back and die-cut the glimmery blue ornament to place behind it. You'd think I wouldn't need the clear one then, right? Pffth. Layers are good.

The gold ribbon is wired (much like me this weekend) and for the first time ever, I like the wired ribbon on a card. I love how it holds its shape! Look at those sassy ends, will you?!

Now, the sentiment. That took me a while. What I really need is a pack of those Class A Peel stickers that say Merry Christmas, but I only have the boring Happy Birthday/Anniversary/etc. sets. I ended up stamping the sentiment on the clear, die-cut holly leaf, then had the same "disappears into the card" issue, so I die-cut another piece of paper to put behind it. It wasn't until I globbed on some Crystal Effects to hold things together that I realized I could have just stamped on the paper. Life's tough all over, isn't it?

So there's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I think I'm done stamping for the weekend. :)

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  1. How fun! Love the choice of background paper.

  2. ooooooooooooooooh! that paper is indeed ♥AWESOME♥ and i love that you "saved" it to have something brand new now that would inspire such a FAB*U*LOUS card made with miss amy's sketch!!! and yeah, you did HAVE TO flip it, imo, that is one of my pet peeves, when things are clearly going in the other direction, and i mean it's a SKETCH... it's meant to be a STARTING point for creativity!!! looks like it totally, TOTALLY worked over here... i'm looooooooving this missus!!! ♥

  3. Such a wonderfully delish card....Good for you for flipping the sketch! It's FAB! Thanks so much for playing along!

  4. Flip-a-dee-do-dah ... what an awesome take on the sketch ... that wired ribbon is fabulous ... love the blue glittery ornament too ... awesome holiday card. So glad you joined us at jingle belles.

  5. Yes, you absolutely had to flip it - what a great card!


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