Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Road-Trip Inspired Card

I do a lot of driving. Not so much any more now that my kids are grown and off doing their own thing, but I've spent a ton of time behind the wheel of a car. My favorite thing to pass the time is listening to books on CD. I have a few favorites, and I listen to them over and over again. My top two are The Rule of Four (sooooo good) and Pride & Prejudice (*swoon*).

Oh, and lest you worry, I never ever ever evereverever listen to the books on CD while driving around HERE. Oh, no no no. I would be stabbier than stabby, and maybe dead. I reserve the books on CD for road trips.

Speaking of which, I had a road trip this past weekend. Driving TO Atlanta was quite nerve-wracking since I forgot it was Spring Break and all 850,000 people from the DC area were ON MY ROAD!  Pffth. So I came home a different route, taking the winding roads through the Western part of Virginia and the Blue Ridge mountains. Sooooo pretty. The trees are that pretty spring green, and they were interspersed with a bright purple tree - dunno what it is, and I'm too tired/lazy to look it up. There were also pretty yellow flowers/weeds along the ground.

So on this trip, in addition to mentally redesigning my craft room to hold all the Tim Holtz Ranger products I've purchased as the result of taking this "Oh, it's only $35" class *ahem*, I also designed a card based on the colors I saw along the way. This is the card I made:

Yeah, it's dark, so you might need to embiggen it to see it clearly, if the mood strikes you. I used an image from SU's Pocket Silhouette set, linked it in Lucky Limeade, used my finger to wipe the ink off the stems, and stamped it. A lot. I stamped it a few times along the bottom in YoYo Yellow, then went back and stamped it some more in Versamark and embossed those with some long-retired lavender embossing powder. Some sponged clouds, some twine, some tags, a button, and the obligatory birds - done.

Here's a close-up of the embossed images:

It came out okay, I think. :)

I hope to get back to playing with my Tim Holtz goodies, maybe later this weekend.

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  1. I think it came out quite nicely, pretty Spring colors. The next time you are heading down south you should come this way and let me know, we could meet somewhere!

  2. What is this rule of four you speak of? And why don't you come to Texas? And that card is stunning!!


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