Friday, April 27, 2012

Owl Card

More homework for my online A Cut Above class. This time we learned how to make a shaped card from a digital image. I'd already kinda done that before, but I took it a few steps further and played with some different options.

Here's the card:

This is NOT how I thought it would turn out. It's horribubble. Ack! Let me begin with the feathers. OMG, the feathers. First: don't try this at home. I knew I was in trouble when I separated the feathers from a different owl in Silhouette Studio and started lining up the rows of feathers to get them ready to cut. Just before I hit Cut, I knew I should have welded (joined) them at the hip, but I did not. This is what happens when you don't weld them:

Eleventy squillion individual feathers. Sigh. I started attaching them, and after three or four rows I got twitchy and said, "ENOUGH!". I cut some more LARGER feathers and used them for the last few rows. Just LOOK at this:

WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!? I declared the first few (bottom) rows to be "pin feathers". The rest were way easier to attach.

Here's the shaped card open:

 It's welded/joined at the handsome red line here:

and it actually stands on it's own feet!

Now, about that coloring. I only wanted to color the eyes, but then I got a hair-brained idea to distress the edges of the card front, you know, for definition. Pfft. I slipped with the applicator and schmeared brown ink all over the owl's face. I had no choice but to color the whole thing. Well, at least the ears stand out a little now.

Doesn't he look like he's saying, "Um, okaaaayyyy ... Please stop.":

I think he needs a belt. Or suspenders. Or maybe more feathers at the top to round out the edges of the feathers a bit.

Okay, okay, since I have a bazillion feathers left over, I've added a few to try and make it better:

 Meh. I'm done. Maybe the ears need to be brown. Nope, I'm done.

This is really a cool technique, though. You can take almost any shape and make it into a shaped card - front and back. I'll need to play with something less nutzoid. This is a fun stamp, but maybe not so much as a whole card. Maybe I'll make another shape this weekend. We'll see.

Thanks for stopping by!

PS: Maybe the eyes need ... wait, no, I'm done.


  1. Ah, I feel kind of sorry for that bird, he looks like he is lost. Or maybe you ruffled his feathers too much LOL? Creating cards that way is fun, though, isn't it? When my best friend and her partner temporarily moved to Australia, I made them a card in the shape of the continent. I really should be using my Silhouette more, sigh.

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  3. well i think he's AWESOME, altho, i didn't have to individually apply the elebenty squidillion feathers... and i realize completely... that could totally put a strain on a relationship!

    but just stumbling in here and seeing him DONE i just think:

    A. cuuuuuuuute owl!!!
    B. cool technique!
    C. HE STANDS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!
    D. his nose, eyes & ears are awesome!
    E. squeeeeeeeee! (just generally)
    F. no... i guess now *I* am done... :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  4. now that you say, "belt"... mayyyyyyybe a thin red ribbon around his/her(?) ummmmm... do owls have waists??! ok, at the top of his/her feathers section then? unless, wait, no... you're done!!! :)

  5. The first time I welded an image to make a card it was the cookie jar and I didn't overlap them enough and I had this weak little fold that looked like it could rip just by opening the darn thing (here's your card, BUT DON'T OPEN IT), lol. Come to think of it that happened with the 2nd apple shaped card too (quick learner). So the fact that yours stands up is amazing!
    {Hugs} Barb

  6. i think suspenders would be cute. a nice splash of color..


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