Sunday, April 8, 2012

Pearlized Resist

While working on my Creative Chemistry 101 homework last weekend, I made up a technique! I DID! I had been working on several of the projects, and as I usually do, I follow the directions the first time before going off on one of my tangents. I'll show you the "according to directions" versions, then how I morphed them.

First, I played with Perfect Distress Mists, where you combine Distress reinker in a mini mister with water and a dash of Perfect Pearls. I created three different colors in my mini misters, and where Tim added colored Perfect Pearls, I went with the plain white one.  Here is the tag I made:

I must tell you I used plain card stock first, and the pearl part never did dry - it kept rubbing off on my fingers. That's when I switched to one of the Ranger tags, and it dried beautifully, of course. I might have ordered some of this paper in 8.5x11.

The next technique I tried was Paint Dabber Resist. You first stamp an image with acrylic paint (I used Picket Fence) onto a piece of sticky-back canvas, then dry it. Then you go over it with your resist inks. Mine didn't turn out very well:

You can see the white image trying to show through, but I chose poorly with the ink colors I rubbed over it. Plus, my blending skillz leave a lot to be desired.

Never one to give up completely, I stamped another piece of sticky-back canvas with the white paint and dried it, and as I sat there, I spied my pearl mists from the previous technique. So in a departure from The Rules, I got adventurous and just sprayed the pearlized colored mists over the dried paint, and I got this:

Pretty neat, huh? :) Oh, and that clean desk? Not my house. No way would I have that much room to stage a project photo. Get real, people.

Here it is, up close and personal:

I think you'll see me use this one again. I really like it!

Okay, I'm going back in to play some more. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I truly like your experimental version better...that one is fabulous!

  2. I like the final version much better than the previous attempt, it's very pretty and soft.


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