Sunday, April 15, 2012

More Cleaning

After my last post about cleaning by making cards with all my experiments and UFOs on my desk, I went back in for more. This time I actually triaged the stack o'stuff that lives on the right half of my desk and significantly reduced the pile. Yes, I am very proud. I will say that some of the experiments just got tossed, but two of them lived on to grow up and become cards!  Let's have a look!

First, you may remember this pearlized piece from one of my earlier posts:

(Ooh, that came out a bit dark, sorry.) The sentiment was right next to the grey piece on the desk, and this card pretty much made itself from that point. I thought that weird blue-ish button would be nice with the black & white, and I added a piece of Bermuda Bay DSP under it to kindof ground the whole thing. I couldn't decide on which twine to use in the button, so I used both. :)

Next up I had a tag I used to pick up all the extra spray and ink from my craft mat. That's something we learned in our Creative Chemistry 101 class - never waste ink! Instead of having a plan, though, I used the same tag over and over to pick up whatever was on the mat.

Today, while cleaning the pile o'stuff, I re-discovered my "missing" Magenta butterfly stamp, so I used it! I stamped it in Archival black onto that tag, and this is what I got:

Sorry for the glare, but there's a ton of Perfect Pearl spray on that spot, and it's closest to the light. But you can see all the stuff I've picked up over the past two weeks. LOTS! So I stamped that butterfly and cut it out, then I made this:

The embossed panel was also in the pile o'stuff, so it got used, too. The Thank You is stamped on a remnant and sprayed with some Dylusions Violent Vibrant Turquoise Ink Spray. Yeah, no "spray" here - it's pretty much saturated. I also managed to spray it on the embossed panel, so those flecks you see (that aren't obliterated by my glaringly poor photography) .. um, yeah, I totally meant to do that. And I had to pick up all the extra spray from the craft mat, so I've started a new clean-up tag. And so it continues.

I've declared this round of Clean-up to be over and done.

In other news, I'd intended to play with my Silhouette Cameo today, but instead I bagged a ton of my cards and listed them in my Etsy store. Also, I'm starting another online class tomorrow: A Cut Above. The first half of the class is about die cutting, and the second half will be about the Silhouette, so I'm pretty stoked about it. Hopefully, since I already own a Big Shot and a Cameo I won't be enticed to NEED much else. In theory. We'll see.

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  1. You got a lot of work done this weekend! I love the butterfly! And then that extra from the tag can be punched into other shapes to be used on more cards down the line! :)

  2. You did more this weekend than I've done all week! I like them both but the Violent Turquoise (violent? really?) one is my favorite, I really like the splatters on the embossed piece.

  3. now see THAT is brilliant... i "clean up" by sticking stuff into my journal but MAKING CARDS is sooooooooooooo much better and these are ♥AWESOME♥ i especially love that butterfly!!! (on the other hand, the sentiment on the first one is UNBEATABLY fabbbbbbbbulous, you may have just enabled me into that stamp, i think, lol!!!) :) :) :)


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