Saturday, May 5, 2012

Custom Background

In one of our online card class A Cut Above lessons last week, we learned how to repeat a pattern and manipulate it to make a custom background. I made one, sized it into two different sizes, and cut it out of a piece of suede paper. Here's the larger one:

 and the smaller one:

I just managed to destroy the smaller one, so let's not mention it again, k? Thanks.

Here's the card I made with the larger one:

I think it's screaming for ... something, but I left it unadorned.

I highly recommend this class! It will be offered in two parts (traditional die-cutting & Silhouette) starting May 15th, so you can take them separately or take the whole thing. Go here for information. I still have more things to try, so you'll be seeing more!

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  1. Very cool! I should learn this stuff AND take out my Silhouette that is all dusty!

  2. Nice! A great LIM card, L. I need to learn to do that cut stuff. Very cool. I've missed so much in blogland the past couple of months!

  3. I like that background. I have seen similar ones in their online store, but so many of them are obviously made for the Cameo because they are square, and not suited for cards at all. Making one's own is a good solution.


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