Monday, May 28, 2012

Gingham Baby Cards

Ah, the power of the Interwebz. One of my tweeps and bloggy friends, Donna, posted this card for the Moxie Fab Gingham Challenge, and I said, "Wha?". I ran to look at the Moxie Fab post. Who remembers something aaaaaalllll the way back to early May? But the great thing is we have until June 4th to post a card, so I got to work!

I knew immediately what I'd use, too! I knew I had some A*Muse gingham papers in The Heaplet, but I wasn't sure which color(s). I found both light blue and light pink, so baby cards it was!

Here's what I made, then I'll explain:

I punched openings in the white layer with my SU Heart to Heart punch, then layered that over the gingham. I used two gingham hearts (punched from some smaller pieces of the same gingham papers) on the card front, and added some Studio Calico wood veneer hearts. I covered the wood hearts with Inkssentials Enamel Accents* to make them white and shiny. In hindsight, I might use white paint next time. We'll see what I think once it dries ... maybe tomorrow.

The sentiment is from A*Muse, and I just love it! I think the last time I used it was on a card with an elaborate Corset. HAHA! Yeah, this is a little different and perhaps more appropriate.

So I've pretty much disappeared those two papers from The Heaplet. Baby steps, people. Baby steps. (no pun intended)

Thanks for stopping by!

* When I first applied the enamel accents, it came out clear. I shook it a little and it came out white, so I mixed some into the clear stuff that was already on the wood hearts, which made them a little streaky. Just a word of caution in case your bottles of enamel accents have been sitting on the shelf as long as mine have. :(


  1. Adorable...yay for a *slightly* smaller heap :)

  2. omg! TOOOOOO cuuuuuuute and i ♥LOVE♥ the sentiment!!!!! (LOVE the gingham, as well, actually!)

    my latest discovery for "painting" small things and having them dry FAST... those poster paint pens, which i bought for lettering/outlining but turn out to not actually LIKE as much for that... they are BRILLIANT ways to color in small wooden shapes etc!) :) :) :)

  3. These are so cute! I love how you paired the gingham hearts with the wood ones.


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