Thursday, May 3, 2012

You Are My Sunshine

I'm still watching class videos for the online class A Cut Above, and playing with my Silhouette Cameo. We've learned so many tricks! I've not mastered some of them, but in general, this class has totally been worth it!

Here's a card I just made:

 I'm not even sure which class this goes with - it's kindof a morph of a few different lessons. First, I brought in the rays/background image, filled it with a gradient blue-green color (I even learned -- all by myself -- you can change the direction of the shading. Sweet.) Then I changed it to only print, not cut, but I drew a box around it and had THAT cut.

I played with the sentiment a bit. Originally the "you are my" was going to be cut out of the card front with the rays on the bottom 2/3 of the card, but I decided to just do it separately. I filled the letters with grey, then got a bit wild and filled the "sunshine" with polka dots. I wanted to make it yellow, but this was soooo much more interesting. We even learned how to scale the pattern down so it works in the smaller letter space. Lookie:

The dot over the "i" is a heart, which gave me the idea to use one of my hoarded A Muse heart gems over it. Just using the stash, people. Oh, and I had to make these words print-only and I just cut the banner part.

I only made one boo-boo. I forgot to cut a second banner to use behind the white one, so I went back and made one just a bit larger than the white one, then cut it out and colored it with one of my Copics -- N1 or N2, I forget. See:

NEXT time I'll remember to cut ALL the layers. And yes, there will be a NEXT TIME. Note: that yellow layer is actually paper, from my Basic Grey PB&J 6x6 pack that's still out. :)

Tomorrow is the last day of class, and I hope to have time this weekend to play some more. 

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  1. Well, Miss Smarty Pants, I think you did a fine job, just fine. :-) I do like the font you used for the gray letters, would you mind sharing the name?

  2. Great card. It is so happy in feel with the colors and embossed sun etc. Love the polka dot letters!!


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