Sunday, May 6, 2012

Labeling Ciao Copics

In today's episode of Creative Avoidance, our main character (that would be me) decided to blow off the laundry, dusting, vacuuming, straightening, and meager attempts at {shudder} cleaning the bathroom, and instead opted to label her Ciao Copic markers. I excel at this sport.

I am so late to this game, that I went in search of a pre-printed PDF to save myself the trouble of creating one of my own. Most of the blog posts I found were dated several years ago, and the one I really wanted was Not Found. Sigh. I was forced to go off on my own and create a color chart. After fighting with MS Word, I opted instead to go to the Copic site to see what I could find there. I ended up printing the two 72-marker color charts from their Ciao Colors PDF, mostly because the dots of color looked perfect for a 1/4" circle punch, which is what I'd read you need for the end of the Ciao caps.

Here's how my Greens ended up:

FYI - One other option (and it's a good one) was to punch 1/4" circles and write in the numbers, but I was determined to print it out to make it more difficult. Please note: When printing color charts, you are at the mercy of your color printer as far as interpretation. Most of the colors printed out differently than the actual color marker.

Lesson learned: Just make it easy on yourself and punch your own circles, use a fine-tip black marker to write the color on the circle, stick it to the end cap with a mini glue dot, swipe it with the marker, and be done with it. I had to do this for the few markers I have that weren't part of one of the 72-marker sets.

Here's a close-up of the pre-printed circles and one I made myself:

I think my home-made one is actually easier to read, and will be a truer color.

I hope this helps someone out in the Blogosphere. I know I've checked off one item from my mental list of "do this some day". Too bad that doesn't work for all that other stuff I have to do. :(

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  1. Good tip! Yeah, that avoidance does lead to some good stuff, though :)

  2. I like the "home-made" ones better. They look clearer and easier to read.

  3. LOVE THIS!! I need to do this, too. But...I don't think I have a 1/4" punch. :( Dang. I love how it looks, though. Beautiful and organized. Well done!

  4. that is an AWESOME idea! btw, my CA usually goes in the other direction, i will have 6 creative deadlines and suddenly decide to re-organize sock drawers and polish the silver instead! :) vive le (equally crazy) difference!!! ♥


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