Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Platform Card

I finally finished the card I started from the first lesson, which was to make a free-standing platform card. Here's mine, then I'll explain:

This is the card open, with its self-forming base. It may look familiar because I used part of a failed chevron from the other day for the popped-up part. I just trimmed off what I could and stuck it to the white piece, making sure to align it so it was all above the platform. It was this white piece that took forever - I had no clue what to do on it.

The first thing I did after scoring the base, though, was stick on a piece of weird washi tape. You know how when you buy a pair of shoes because they are a funky color, and you think they'll look tan when worn with tan and grey when worn with grey, but in reality they look tan when worn with grey and grey when worn with tan? Yeah, those shoes? The ones I'm finally giving away tomorrow? Yeah, that's what I thought this washi tape would do for me - give me options. Nope. Nothing matched it.

So I distracted myself by futzing with the top of the card:

I stamped the Hero Arts Lattice background stamp in Versamark, then intended to emboss it with white EP, but in the end I opted for clear. I just wanted it to be "not plain", and I think I accomplished that.

Here's a shot from the side:

The base folds down to secure that sticking-up part. Pretty clever!

Let's talk about that sticking-up part:

After I stuck on the salvaged chevron piece, I stamped the sentiment (from Paper Smooches) a little bit too high, so the Jumbo eyelet (from SU) slopped over the 'r'. Boo, The ribbon is folded-over and carefully tied washi tape - same as on the front of the card. That one was Julie's idea, and I love it - it matches!!! Well, no, it doesn't, but it coordinates way better than those shoes ever did. Not that I'm bitter.

Last, but not least, the card folds flat for mailing:

In the end, I like how this one turned out. :)

In other news, it's pouring rain, which makes for great sleeping weather. I think I'll turn in early.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I think I had some of those shoes once, too. Just buy black or white, they go with everything. I love the card, and I think it coordinates pretty well. Great idea about using the Washi paper as a tie on the tag, too.


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