Friday, May 18, 2012

Zipper Card

One of the projects of the Fold It class I'm taking is how to make a Zipper card. I'd never actually heard of this one, so it intrigued me, and was one of the first ones I tried to make. What, today was the last day of a two-week class and I'm just starting to make my cards? *I* don't see anything wrong with this picture, do you? *glares*

Anyway, this one looked cool, so I gave it a shot tonight. Actually, I'd planned to do three different cards tonight, and I did make three, but it took three attempts of one card to get it right. :(

Here it is, then I'll explain:

Looks strangely familiar, non? YES! The chevron piece was cut from the digital one I printed and didn't use for last night's card. The hexagons are a Paper Smooches stamp. I also stamped it on remnants of the printed color card stock from last night and cut a few out to put on the left side of the strip. Just a little something-something, ya know? The twine was an afterthought ... you know me and white space.

I really want to stamp "wishing you a ..." to the left of the chevron piece, but I can't find a stamp in my stash that says that, and anyway, I'm tired. I'll try again tomorrow. If I find one, I'll show you the updated card.

Now about the 'zipper" part of this.  Fortunately for me, I messed up two of these, so I have one I can use to demonstrate the mechanics. Here it is "unzipped", or "not yet open":

 You can kinda see the perforated lines above and below the chevron. What you do is pull up on the "tab", or the pointy end of the chevron, and it unzips along the perforated lines to reveal ... your message:

Ta-da! The Happy Birthday is white-embossed onto the black card base so it shows when the top strip is pulled back. How cool is that? (Please ignore the top edge where I rrrrrripped off the back and stuck it into my heaplet. Pffth.

Now you see why "wishing you a ..." would work so well on the front. I may just cut one out on the Silhouette, since I'd have to stamp it on textured card stock ...

One note about stamping on textured card stock: I can't do it:

 Too hard. See how easy it is to stamp on smooth card stock:

Yes, I tried to use smooth card stock for the front, but (1) it was boring, and (2) after four attempts I found I couldn't get the perforating blade to cut all the way through. Yeah, it was too heavy. So I used a piece of Bazzill instead, and only destroyed 3/4 of that sheet. Stamping is HARD, people, HARD!

Speaking of which, I'll attempt the other two cards tomorrow. They might take longer than it took Julie to make them in her video. Just a guess ...

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I'm not sure which I enjoyed more-the story or the card! Thanks for the giggle!


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