Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Great Autumn Day!

Today was a magnificent day! I live for weather like this! Put me in jeans and a sweatshirt and I am in heaven. It was a bit breezy, which made it chilly under the pavilion, but we could stand in the sun and warm up, so all-in-all, it was a perfect day to be outdoors at the market. Just look at this:

Gorgeous, I say, gorgeous! As I drove down the street to the market, I saw this, so I had to stop and take a picture.

They do this every year, and this year I actually thought to stop and record it for posterity. Next up is the coffee shop that is selling my cards now:

Oh, look, they have a spider, too:

That one is a bit too real-looking for me! I stopped in to get my coffee and they told me they've already sold 5 cards! In one week! Yay!!!!

The market was a bit slow in the morning, but it picked up later in the day, so we all did okay. The highlight of my day was when this little guy showed up:

He's a 5-month old Blue Shar Pei, and he had two modes: laying down or moving. All my pics of him not laying down are fuzzy because he simply could not stand still! And yes, his fur is as soft as it looks. OMG, just look at that face!

After the market I made a quick stop to put some air in my tires. I must have looked pathetic, because one of the guys inside came out to help me, which made me quite happy. I think I was actually letting more air out than putting any in. Sigh.

The reason I needed air in my tires was I was headed to Angela's in Reston, VA, to pick up some much-necessary (not) items and to meet June (Hi, June), and I really wanted to make it all the way there. I did make it, and I was incredibly restrained in my shopping. June may not think so, as she had like two items in her hand and one piece of paper, but for me I held back a lot. I think when craft-type people shop, your purchases are largely influenced by the other person with you. Which is why I show absolutely NO restraint when alone, because the 'myself and I' part of 'me, myself and I' are as weak and easily influenced as I am. They are NOT good shopping companions. Then there's Beloved Reader #2, who is an admitted Collector of the highest degree, and when I shop with her and I ask her if I need something, instead of talking me out of it, she gets one for herself, too. Or if she can talk me out of it and there was only one of them, then she buys it instead. Hey, it has happened! So June, you are a good influence!!!!! ;-) It was fun meeting a Blog Friend in person! We figured out that Angela's is 30 minutes from each of our domiciles, so while we might be more like an hour apart home-to-home, Angela's is smack dab in the middle, time-wise, anyway. How perfect is that?!?!?

So I got home all invigorated to create. Spending time with a fellow stamper can do that to a person! But as soon as I started to cut up some card stock, I felt suddenly drained. Drained as in 'oh, I could sure use a nap right about now' tired. So I cut up some squash and put it in the oven so I can say I've had something to eat today besides a muffin; that lack of food may be contributing to my lack of vigor, ya think? Mmmm, it sure does smell good in here now!

Oh, no Dalhias? Nope, not today. The Dahlia Guy got called in to work, so we had no flowers. ;-( I know, I am in withdrawal. I hope I can make it through the week! Sigh.

I think I'll spend tomorrow stamping (and cleaning), so I should have something to show off tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Terrific post....where do I start?

    Great looking blog! I love your new background.

    The spiders on that house are so cool.

    The coffee shop is charming except for the creepy spider :)

    That blue dog has a precious face. He does look super soft to pet.

    Finally, I had a GREAT time shopping with you. I am glad I could be a good influence (for today, anyway). I do impulse buy, but I am trying very hard to buy supplies I currently need to finish cards I have started. E.g. I mentioned a while ago I started on a set of cards that Julee Tillman sketch using 100% of 6x6 paper; I recall you completed yours and added some ribbon or brads. I've been working on them off and on, and decided I needed chocolate brown mini brads. After buying those flower shaped brads at Mike's today when I was with you, I met dh for dinner, then stopped by ACMoore on my way home and bought brown mini brads :) Now I don't have an excuse not to finish them, huh?

  2. So.....
    if June is a Good influence does that make me a Bad one????

    ( I LOVE the blog make-over )

    I might not be able to hold back when shopping, but who can you count on to have something if you need it? And who will drive said item over to you even if you need it at "0 dark thirty" ????

    Now about that puppydog.

    Hey June.... Are we supposed to use the stuff we buy? And what is "finish" ? I do not understand "finish".

    Sounds like you guys had a fun day.



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