Friday, October 24, 2008

Second Attempt At The Baby Card

I was bummed about last night's attempt at a baby card for tomorrow, so I tried again this evening. But first I stopped at the store on the way home to get them a little something, just from me. Last week I'd asked the Dad-to-be what they did not have yet, but they have everything. They even have Announcement cards and Thank You cards already. What?! Seems they have been trying for this baby for so long, everyone else in the family who's had kids already have given them everything. But he told me they do not have a Baby On Board sign. Gee, thanks. So I picked up this tonight:

and okay, I got these burp pads because they were so soft and cute:

Heaven help me when my kids have their kids. I might be sending them 'little somethings' a lot. I need to stay out of baby stores.

So I decided to use the SU Top Note Bigz Die to make the card and matching bag decoration. (Oh, are you surprised I just happened to have a white bag on hand? I told you I have stuff.) I scavenged parts from the miserable card I made last night and created these:

I like this card a lot better than that other one. There's lots of different blues going on, but I think it all works together. I used a few pieces of yellow ribbon on the bag handle, too, just to mix it up a bit.

You can see I used lots of stuff from the ole Stash, but I did not make a significant dent. I mean, c'mon - ONE BLUE HEART BRAD does not a dent maketh. Not. But I did use several pieces of miscellaneous blue ribbon, so it counts a little.

I have also prepped for my next project by cutting out this pile of stuff:

These are more of the SU Top Note Bigz Die cut-outs, this time out of Bella Rose paper, of which I have much. I am loaning my die to a customer who ordered one for herself, but it is backordered, and I am giving it to her tomorrow, so I actually planned ahead for this effort. And the intended project? Belated birthday cards for all my customer's with October birthdays. I think I'll go ahead and make some belated November birthday cards while I'm at it.

Ach, would you look at the time?! I need to figure out if I am close to being ready for tomorrow's Pot Luck at the market. And toss the laundry into the dryer. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I must say, I do like the card much better this way!

    Babies.. I need to get me a puppy!

    I love that note die, I'm green with envy!

    Have a great time today!

  2. I love both the bag and the card. Hmmm...maybe I should reconsider and get a Big money at the moment though. UGH!

  3. Oh, VERY NICE! I so want that Big Shot and that die. But my QuicKutz Revolution and my Cuttlebug are already on the floor (no room anywhere else) and I often stub my toes on them (OUCH!)because my craft room is a very small spare bedroom.

  4. I LOVE that cutout shape! I don't have one of those fancy machines -- no room in my small apartment -- but for that shape maybe I will think about it. And I love the new baby card -- it's a lot more dynamic! For the bajillionth time, I wish I was closer so I could come to a workshop!

  5. just wanted to comment that you helped me fix the comment box on my blog last friday. thank you!


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