Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday, Installment #2

I went shopping on Friday (those days off can be expensive) and picked up a bunch of stuff at Mike's. In addition to candles and clear ornaments and paper bags I got for my maybe Holiday Stamp Camp, I also picked up a few other things. I am weak, which is why I generally stay out of Mike's.

One of the things I picked up was a box of DCWV cards & envelopes. Sacrilege, I know!!! Why would *I* buy a box of pre-made cards? Heaven knows I have enough SU and non-SU card stock in The Other Room to make any card I want to make. I did the math, and without a coupon they are a little more than SU card stock + an envelope. With a coupon it would have been a better deal, naturally. What they do have going for them is the insides are white, plus I have been intrigued by what June does with hers, so I thought I'd give it a try just this once.

The first ones I grabbed today were the brown ones, because I wanted to make my leaf wreaths. I have two small leaf punches, and I like to punch them out of Fall colors and make a wreath out of them, like these:

I punched a 1 3/8" circle out of scrap and drew a pencil line around it so I had a chance of getting the leaves placed in a circle. That ribbon was perfect to use with these wreathes; I got it in the dollar bin at Mike's. Then I went into the Way-back Machine and reached for my Flannel Spectrum Ink pad, and it was still juicy! I thought the sentiment would be less boring if it were in a range of Fall colors. I cut it out with my Nestabilities and sponged some Mustard ink around the edges.

I kinda like how they came out. Next up, a Birthday extravaganza!


  1. these wreath cards are adorable! what kind of glue do you use to stick the little leaves down?

  2. I love those brown cards...they are usually the first color that gets used up. The pale yellow is the last :)

  3. Love the wreaths! I'm impressed you punched out all those teeny tiny leaves. :D

  4. I love how you did the wreaths. And congrats on the coffee shop selling your cards!


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