Sunday, October 12, 2008

What I Did When I Should've Been Cleaning

Last night I began the Clean Sweep, and I got sidetracked. I had all these started-but-only-part-way projects and it was killing me to just sweep them into a pile and hope to get back to them some time. So against all reason, I started to assemble the cards.

First we have the "Boy" birthday cards. These started out as an attempt to use a single piece of printed paper and some of my DCWV cards. These are all primary colors, so how difficult could it be? Simple, right? Or so I thought. This is what I ended up with, but oh, what a journey.

I put the paper directly onto the card stock, then stuck on the felt number and attached the red piece of ribbon. B-o-o-o-o-r-i-n-g! Then I added a second ribbon to the first. Better, but the bottom was still missing something. Then I noticed one of the blue cards had a smear on it (darn inky fingers!) and needed to be embellished. I rummaged in a Bag O'Stuff and found a bag of primary color stars, which were perfect for a boy's card! And they added just what I needed. I made about 12 of these, put them into their sleeves with an inventory number, and set in to tackle the Girl cards.

Normally, it is easier to make a feminine card than it is to make a 'guy' card, but I never claimed to be anywhere in the neighborhood of 'normal'. In my case, I am sorely lacking in anything pastel, so I was challenged. I had some of the felt numbers in girly colors, but no paper to coordinate with them. Trust me, I looked. As a last resort I rummaged through The Heap and found some scraps of SU patterned papers and cut them up into squares for the girl cards. I ended up doing just two of each kind, mostly because of the available patterned papers and DCWV card bases. Here's what I ended up with:

Not bad, not bad. Envelopes, inventory numbers, done. I was making a major dent in the pile on my table!

Lastly, I looked at the pile of cut-up parent sheet papers I'd cut earlier in the week, and just never got to. I decided the background looked perfect with the SU Baja Breeze card base, and that the coordinating colors would be Elegant Eggplant and Handsome Hunter. I grabbed a retired sentiment set and made these:

I think I like the green with it better than the purple, but they both work. I think I made 10 or 12 of these, then into sleeves, inventory numbers, done. I took a moment to look at the clock, and it was after 10:00 pm. Yawn! Let's just say I got to bed really late last night, but I have a major stash of cards already for next week.

My workshops went well today, and the cat is exhausted from all the activity:

I did manage to wow a few of my customers, and I even sold a few sets I demo'd, so all was not lost! I started to stamp something after I'd straightened up, but then I looked at the couch and changed my mind. I need to go to the Day Job tomorrow and I have another workshop tomorrow evening. I think 8:30 sounds like a good bed-time, don't you agree? ;-)

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  1. Love all the cards!

    I especially love the purple girly cards.. !

    Poor kitty !

  2. You busy, busy girl! I could use some of your energy.


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