Saturday, October 11, 2008

Market Update

Today was another glorious day, so I thought I'd share some pics of the market. First, two of our critter visitors posed for me. This is the little bird on his owner's shoulder. I liked that he had his right leg hooked onto his owner's shirt collar. His owner said the bird just loves going for walks!

Next we have Brownie, who is a She. This was my third attempt to get a shot of her being still enough to focus!

She had just picked up her dog treat from her stash of toys and things, and had it in her mouth, but she dropped it over the side of her stroller. Notice how she is looking right at me? Not! Her owner was standing to my immediate left, holding a piece of cheese cake (not cheesecake) on a tooth pick and taunting the dog so she'd be still. After I took this shot, the dog got her sweet treat. I tossed her dog treat back into the stroller amongst her toys, but the stuff her Mom had was way more interesting to her.

And then there's the Dahlias. Some of these photos are my attempt to get up close and personal with the flowers. Just go with it, okay? ;-) Also, I did not bother to crop any of them, so you'll see some peripheral of the market. Please click on the photos to see them larger and closer to life-size. Let's take a moment and enjoy the show:

That's it! Now that my break is over, I need to finish making up the kits for tomorrow, then clean off the tables and set up the stations. And fold some laundry. And vaccuum. And clean the bathroom. And the kitchen table. I'll be back some time Tuesday. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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