Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday, Installment #4 (and Last!)

Way back in September, I stumbled upon this challenge over at Julee's blog, one of my lurking spots. ;-) It was a variation of a one-sheet-wonder, where we were to take a 6x6 piece of double-sided paper, cut it according to her instructions, and make four cards based on her provided sketches. It sounded easy enough, so here I am five weeks later, finally getting to them.

I chose to use the SU Juntos Designer Series paper, which is available in the Spanish supplement. I fell in love with the colors, so I had to have it, and this challenge would give me a chance to actually open the package. Some of you fellow hoarders know what I mean.

I cut a 6x6 piece of one of the sheets, did some initial layering, then set the materials to one side, where it all got promptly buried. Now that I am working on using stuff on the table, I have worked my way back down to the partially-constructed cards, and I made myself finish them today.

The good thing about being so very late with the challenge is I have no need to actually follow it to the letter, so I took a few liberties. Plus, you will notice, I used no ribbon! Yes, it almost killed me, and I think the cards are boring without it, but I did it all the same. Looking back, I think they could actually use some ribbon, but I think I'll just call them all done right now!

So here's the layout for the 6x6 cutting instructions:

Here's the card sketches:

And here's what I came up with:

Eh, probably not my favorites, but it was fun to stretch myself out of my usual rut. Speaking of which, I have already selected some paper to use for my next project later this week. Time permitting, of course.

I see I have managed to whittle away an entire day stamping and doing laundry. Time to call it a night and get rested up for the commute to the Day Job in the morning. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. i vote for installment sunday at least every weeek LOL this has been super fun

  2. I started this challenge too (3 weeks ago)! My partially finished cards are still in my "pile". I actually have this on my craft "To Do" list for Wednesday of this week. We'll see...

    I love that you added brads...wish I had done that now. I really like how your cards turned out. Wonderful colors :)


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