Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday, Installment #1

I have been a stamping fool this weekend, and because I have an intense need to share, I decided to post in installments today.

First, someone at Saturday's market asked for Breast Cancer cards. Drat! I'd forgotten it was BC Awareness Month, and I had sold out of last years' card packs, so I had none. When I got home I made some of these:

I broke out my Cuttlebug ribbon die that I had to have because it was so versatile, but that I've never used. The last time I made these I used a 'believe' stamp, but this time I wanted it to say 'hope'. Naturally, I have no 'hope' stamp. So I went back to first grade when we learned to write in cursive, and practiced the way I was taught, as opposed to how my writing has morphed into what it is today. Actually, I do not write in cursive any more, and I have not for years. I print everything, which comes from too many years of coding and printing everything at work. I really had to practice my cursive to do these! And yes, I wrote the word 'hope' on all of the cards.

I also felt these looked nekked. Not wanting to change the cards, I opted for stamping an image on the envelopes. This image is from SU's Fresh Cuts set, and is stamped in Regal Rose ink, which is the same color as the card stock ribbon and the pen with which I wrote 'hope'.

One of the things I do with most of my note packs is I tie them into a package before I slip them into their clear envelope. This makes them look more finished, and it helps me use up my stash of ribbon!

Moving on ...When my last shipment of Copics arrived last week, I started to play with different color combinations by coloring groups of quilt squares, but I never did anything with all the squares. So the next thing I did yesterday was use up all the extra quilt squares I had laying around to make these:

For those last two, since I did not use any patterned paper, I stamped both card fronts with the SU Aida bg stamp with Versamark. I opted for Versamark instead of the card stock colors because it meant I did not have to wash the stamp to change colors. I am so lazy.

I stamped a ton more stuff yesterday, and I am still stampin' today, so I'll be back later to show off some more! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I like your quilt T-of-Y cards, especially the first one (very pretty dp).

  2. Why feel that you had to write in cursive? After all, that beautifully written word "Thinking" did not use cursive ...


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