Saturday, October 4, 2008

Market Update - Lotsa Dahlias!

Today's market was glorious! Just GLORIOUS! I cannot think of any better way to describe it. The weather was perfect. The market was bustling and busy. I sold a lot. And the Dahlia Guy was back! Yay! He had a month of shows to do, which is why he has been absent, and oh-by-the-way, he won many awards for his flowers, which was no surprise to any of us! He was swarmed with customers most of the day. When I approached him before 9:00 am to return my two vases and select my little lovlies, he said he'd been unable to get any bunches into his display, because as soon as he put them out someone would buy them. ;-)

But I finally got to select mine, and after a few more visits during the day to get some more, I ended up with this:

Naturally, I forgot to bring my camera today, so I had to take my pics when I got home. I put the vase on my front steps to get some decent light. As for decent photography, I promise you nothing.

The first bloom below (the one on the left in the group picture), is over 8" across, so it gives you a point of reference for the sizes of the other flowers. I'll just let you scroll through these pics sans commentary so you can enjoy them.

Aren't they lovely? I'll get to look at them all week at my desk at work. I am so glad the Dahlia Guy is back!

I have been a stampin' fool this afternoon, but I'll post about that tomorrow. I do not want to clutter the scenery. ;-)


  1. Those are just beautiful! I am in awe of people who can grow such gorgeous stuff - no green thumbs here.

  2. Lucky duck...they are beyond gorgeous! A fella my hubby works with raises Dahlia's too and brings them in for the office but never any to send home to me!

    Enjoy them!

  3. The pictures speak for themselves. TFS!

  4. My farmer's market needs a Dhalia guy :(


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