Friday, October 17, 2008

More Organizing, More Stamping

I spent some time this evening in The Other Room. Tonight my self-imposed task was to go through all the bags of 12x12 papers I have collected over the past few months and put them into a 12x12 storage thing. Considering there were bags of paper in there from Recollections, which closed in Jan or Feb, this pile of bags has been growing for quite a while. I unloaded them all, put them into a 12x12 box a friend gave me, and it overflowed. Drat! But I did empty and recycle all the bags, so that was a good thing. Also, along the way I pulled out a few pieces of paper that intrigued me, or gave me immediate inspiration, then I went off to start in on a few projects.

First I finished this card that I'd begun last night. This little lady arrived on my doorstep yesterday, and she just had to be used!

I got the sentiment at the same time, because I knew they'd be just perfect together! The card base is a piece of that pack of 12x12 textured card stock I got last Summer for my Brother's b'day book. It is sortof purple and sortof grey, but neither one when you try to match them up with anything else, so I winged it. I'll test the waters with her tomorrow at the market.

Next up is a stamp I got earlier this year and I've actually used it, once. These cards were inspired by the piece of 12x12 paper I grabbed in the paper organization attempt. I saw blue; I saw yellow; I saw brown. I made these:

The card bases are from my DCWV box I am still working on. Too easy! Here's the sentiment up closer:

Then, in a fit of frugalness, I took the three remaining pieces of the 12x12 that were left from cutting the pieces for 6 cards, and I made this one with them:

Done!!! Not bad for a few hours' work!

I feel a bit like that first card this evening (darn Day Job is wearing me down!), so I think I'll turn in early tonight and do some reading. The book I am currently reading is about the life of Jane Boleyn, sister-in-law to Anne Boleyn, Wife #2 to Henry VIII. I find that whole 'court' thing of that era to be facinating. Everyone was looking out for themselves or their family, and it makes the term 'social climbing' pale in comparison. Especially since if you, or anyone close to you, fell out of favor, the King would hack off your head, and if he was in a really bad mood, he'd call it Treason and have you drawn and quartered, to boot. Now aren't you glad times have changed just a bit? I can read this stuff comfortable in the knowledge that I probably won't be beheaded any time soon, though that idiot that almost nailed me on the beltway tonight should be at least tarred and feathered! Enough! Time for sleep. I look forward to a lovely, cool Fall day at tomorrow's market. Let's hope people are out walking and shopping!


  1. Too funny with those images and sentiments. These are both totally *Leslie* :)

    I hope I get something created this weekend. It has been so long, I feel rusty! See you soon...

  2. I just got back from a week in Santa Fe & Taos this morning and the first thing I've done when I turned on the computer was head to your blog. The past week's cards are looking fiiiine! They're beautiful! they also give me some inspiration because my stamping/card-making friend just asked me to make some (non-Christmasy) cards to sell at her table at her church's annual craft fair next month! Yay!

    And I did end up at one of the 2 stamping stores in Albuquerque -- Rhonda's Crafting Center -- on Thursday and just about fell over with delight. I was chatting with the woman there and my BF just laughed his head off at what he called our "weird stamp language." I came home with 4 new stamps (and a kokopelli from StampaFe in Santa Fe) which I will be playing with all day tomorrow!

  3. I LOVE the "one of those weeks" card. I feel like that this week. It's been a long week though I did have a fun day stamping with my mother and new stamping buddy.

    Hope you had a great day at market!

    P.s. what's the title/author of that book? Sounds very interesting!


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