Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday, Installment #3

Continuing on with my DCWV experience, I pulled out two sheets of patterned papers from my stash - JUST TWO PIECES, and sat down to make some Birthday cards to fill out my very thin Birthday Card section. Here's what came out:

I liked that this piece of paper had so many colors in it, because I could use lots of different bases to give the cards slightly different looks, but still be basically the same card. This is one of the things that helps to mix-it-up when doing mass-production.

That piece of ribbon is from some SU Ribbon Originals I had to have, but have rarely used. I was thrilled to use some of it!!!

I also used something else from my stash: a 1 1/2" circle punch. SU has 1 1/4" and 1 3/8", so the next size up is 1 1/2". SU does not have one (yet), but a Customer of mine ended up with two and a while ago I bought one of hers to add to my collection. FINALLY, I actually used it. It has now earned the square inches of space it occupies on my punch door.

I made two of each of the cards you see in both of the photos above, except for the one on the right, in which I cleverly salvaged the three scrap strips of patterned paper and actually made another card out of them! This meant I used ONE WHOLE PIECE of 12x12 paper with no left-overs. (pats self on back)

Next up are three cards made from the other piece of patterned paper I'd grabbed.

I used red as a mat for the first two cards, but switched to blue (Not Quite Navy) for the green base so it was not too Christmas-y. I notched the edges of the matted piece with my 1/4" circle punch to try and hold that ribbon and not have it slide off the edge of the card. I did not trust just tape to hold it in place.

I now have a total of 13 more cards for my Birthday section. Yay! Now I am working on a project I started about 4 weeks ago, and instead of setting it aside, I want to finish it before the Clean Sweep later this week. Hopefully I'll get it done this evening, and it will be my last post of the day. (I told you I'd been busy ...)

So today I managed to use one and one-half pieces of 12x12 paper. I have probably several hundred pieces of 12x12 paper in The Other Room. Let's do the math, shall we? Um, ... never mind ...


  1. ok, i'm lovin' sunday on the installment plan! LOL

  2. You've been a busy gal! Love to see your work and hear all of your adventures!

    The cards are gggreat!

  3. Good for you! You broke out the DCWV and used an entire sheet of 12x12. I'm with you on the several hundred sheets of 12x12...we can make cards for the rest of our lives if we just use our stash...but that gets boring after a while, doesn't it?


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