Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Little Organizing, A Little Stamping

At work we have these printers, and they suck up a lot of paper. Whoever dreamed (dreamt, if you are from the UK) of a paperless society never had to function in one. So feeding more paper into the beasts is a daily task to whatever poor slob happens to be waiting for their printout when the beast starts to flash its red lights, and this person is often me, myself and I. So I get a lot of opportunities to deal with empty paper boxes, and the decision to recycle them down the hall or maybe I need one to take home. This week I opted to take one home. Why? Because The Other Room really needs attention.

My first step to making a dent in there was a decision to collect all the loose stamps from various surfaces and bags and put them all in one place - a box. What? Did I hear someone say that this is a fruitless effort? That I am merely prolonging the agony and not really making any difference In There? Bah, you nay-sayers! Bah, I say unto you! I actually DID collect everything into not one but TWO boxes, and yes, they are still not put away, BUT, I did widen the path to my cabinets, so there was an immediate impact to my Other Room Experience.

Let me show you the results of my labors this evening. First up is a box filled to the brim with loose stamps:

Yes, this is very sad, but I really have no idea where I will put them. Sigh. I'll have to do some re-organizing in the Elfa drawers to make room for all of these. I think it can be done...I'll add this to my list of things I'll maybe get to this Winter.

Oh, yes, kitty helped me. You can see her inspecting my work. You can also see the second box to the right of that stamp-filled box. What's in that one? More stamps, but mostly 6x6 packs of Basic Grey and DaisyD and whatever else was within my reach.

In the back of this box are two packs of mini clipboards I snatched right out of Angela's hands (well, okay, she handed them to me, but they had not even been put out in the store yet, so it was a major coup, in my mind, anyway.) Thinking back now, that was one expensive trip.

Why am I even bothering to organize? Um, someone from Angela's called me and all my, um, stuff, is waiting for me behind the counter. So I guess I had to at least touch all the other stuff I've purchased from her this year to justify the trip. Oh, who am I kidding!? I am weak.

To celebrate my major organization accomplishment, I made another version of the Gift Card card, only this one uses a piece of SU double-sided DS paper instead of textured card stock for the insert. I'd originally wanted to use the DS paper, but I was distracted by the pack of textured card stock, so I took a little side trip. I am back, now. Here's the card, front and innards:

The double-sided paper worked much better than the card stock for the insert, at least as far as closing the card goes. It is a little thinner, so I was a little more gentle with the placing of the gift card, but it is still plenty strong. I will try a piece of plain patterned paper tomorrow to see if it is too thin to stand up to the pressure of taking a card in and out of it. I'll let you know how that goes.

Man, this sounds like a controlled test, doesn't it? Oh, is the Analyst in me showing? Yeah, sad, isn't it?

Once again I have squandered another evening of my life stamping and doing laundry. And I am typing like I was taught to type waaaaay back in High School, because I have a cat laying across both my arms, and her body is blocking the keyboard, so I cannot sight-type. Let this be reassuring to all of you who use the hunt-and-peck method of typing that with the right amount of incentive, even stuff you learned waaaaaaay (way) back in HS can be brought back to currently-active brain cells.

Oh, now she has jumped down and is alerting me to the time. Must be time to get some shut-eye. I'll be back tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. You are so funny! I love your clean sweep stories and those regarding The Other Room.

    Let me know when you cross the river to go to Angela's:)


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